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Animal Figurine Statues Provide Attractive Wildlife Home Décor

beluga whale figurine statue
John Perry Beluga Whale Figurine 

The love of the outdoors and wildlife is an almost universally agreed upon every day avocation. Capturing the outdoors and wildlife in sculpture are wildlife animal figurines from small to life size. Animal Figurines specialists like Animal World have been involved in the wildlife figurine business for over 26 years and represent some of the most well respected names in the animal figurine statue business including Sandicast and John Perry. Both of these animal figurines dominate the style of statue they produce. John Perry produces a very basic but at the same time very elegant figurine combining the futuristic look of white pellucida animal statue set almost invisibly upon a unique one of a kind burled wood base. This futuristic look combined with natural wood emanates a warm yet modern feel for home décor. In addition, for anyone wishing to create relaxed looking beach theme décor the John Perry Figurine Statue collection is the perfect solution. In summary, realism is not the goal of the John Perry Animal Figurines. The goal of John Perry was to create beautiful, simple, modern comfortable home décor that features the gorgeous line of the animal rather than the detail.

sandicast chihuahua figurine statue
Sandicast Chihuahua Figurine Statue

In contrast the Sandicast line of animal figurines main claim to fame rests in their realism. From the animal figurine’s pose, to it’s muscle tone, detaled coat, and especially it’s eyes each Sandicast Figurine Statue will make you do a double take. In fact if you place the Sandicast statue at eye level and view the animal figurine eye to eye they appear so real you almost expect them to breathe. Sculpted originally out of clay by founder Sandra Brue, production of the Sandicast Animal Figurines today includes cast stone hand painted reproductions out of molds of the original pieces. Unheralded as one of the greatest sculptors of the modern era Sandra Brue’s line of Sandicast Animal Figurines graces the shelves of thousands of homes today especially in breed specific dog figurine statues. Our love affair with animal figurines goes back thousands of years. Originally carved most likely out of rock or wood, animal figurine statues today are made of materials that reflect the times in which we now live. What all animal figurine have in common is our need to not only capture that beauty in statues but also to place them in our homes where they can be admired and respected.

Article and Photo by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Chihuahua Figurine Photo by Sandicast

Sandicast Elephant Figurine Faces of Nature Statue is Limited Edition Fun

Capturing a magnificent elephant head pose the Sandicast Elephant Figurine Faces of Nature Statue comes with it’s own pedestal black square base.With it’s trademark large continent shaped ears and long ivory tusks the Elephant Figurine Faces of Nature sculpted originally by Sandra Brue is a necessity for any elephant enthusiast lover’s home decor. Made originally out of clay the Faces of Nature Elephant was produced originally by Sandicast out of cast stone from their headquarters in San Diego USA. Today they are produced as most other animal figurines overseas where production costs are lower. For Sandicast collectors, however, having one of the originals made in the USA is the goal and carries with it a much higher future collector value. This is especially true upon closer analysis of the Sandicast Elephant Figurine realistic detail. Somehow, Sandra Brue was able to capture all the wrinkles, folds and course texture of elephant’s skin. It is easy to forget that the Elephant figurine statue is actually made of cast stone and not an actual elephant. With it’s mounting on the black pedestal the Sandicast Elephant Faces of Nature Statue receives it’s due in prominence while at the same time remaining discretely in the background. As with all animal figurines quantity is limited to production runs. With it’s retirement by Sandicast inventory only remains in retailer stock or with online animal gift specialists such as Animal World. As a special gift for yourself or for the elephant animal lover the Sandicast Elephant Faces of Nature Statue would make a very special present.

Copy and Photo by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Retired Sandicast Dog Figurines offer future collectible goldmine

jack russell terrier figurine sandicastSandicast is synonymous with dog and animal figurines. Founded by Sandra Brue Sandicast became known as the finest maker of animal and pet figurines in the market. All original figurines were first made by Sandra Brue out of clay and then a molding was created. Production involved a high quality cast stone mold of the original clay figurine which was then hand painted under the close supervision and quality control of Sandra Brue herself. All Sandicast figurines were made in the USA in San Diego and distributed throughout the USA to gift shops and high quality department stores that could put the figurines on the pedestal they deserved. Today the Sandicast Line is distributed by Jillson Roberts and the dog figurines are now made overseas. The figurines retain the high level of the original line and improvements have been made in casting making the pieces less fragile which is better for long term customer satisfaction. The figurine line is more centralized now which does open the opportunity to collectors to buy retired Sandicast figurines for potential future reward in rare values. As production on certain pieces end at Sandicast the potential future value sky rockets. The faces of nature line is an example of a retired Sandicast figurine line. Once the Sandicast Faces of Nature included a Gorilla, Leopard, Eagle and a Wolf. Of those 4 animal figurines all originally were made in the USA, however, today only the Wolf remains in the line today. If you have a collection of all 4 Sandicast Faces of Nature made in the USA treasure them, take care of them, keep them, they are irreplaceable, valuable and will only go up in value. There is also many dog figurines which are now retired and no longer in production. The Jack Russell Terrier Tri Color shown is a perfect example of one of the Sandicast Dog figurines which is no longer available as it is out of production. Made in the USA of cast stone with hand painting this Jack Russell Terrier Figurine Sandicast is a throw back to the days when the pieces were made in San Diego. For figurine collectors the Sandicast line is one of a kind and represents figurines that timeless in their beauty and valuable for future generations.

USA made Wildlife Animal Figurines offer future collectible value and beauty

sandicast giraffe figurine
For figurine collectors the time has never been better than now. With the current economy the opportunity has never been better for collecting US manufactured animal figurines. The reasons are simple, with virtually the entire animal figurine industry now being manufactured in China finding US made animal figurines is virtually impossible. Herein lies the huge opportunity in collecting valuable figurines for future value. The US was famous during the 1980’s for making beautiful figurines. Companies like Sandicast made in San Diego and Stone Critters made in Oklahoma are 2 of the most famous figurine companies. Today Stone Critters is gone after being bought by Encore and Sandicast figurines are no longer made in the USA but in China. Other US companies like The Herd which featured an adorable line of elephant figurines with names like Rock and Roll, Flip and Flop no longer exists. These Herd elephant figurines also came with name template rocks that featured the elephants personality. The reasons for having figurines made in China was obvious, lower costs thereby more competitive prices and higher profit margins. The current animal figurine industry is overwhelmed with bland inexpensive animal figurines made in China with no personality and washed out value. The niche for animal figurines in the future is once again for quality figurine products made in the USA. Sandicast for example should reopen manufacturing in the USA. The higher price for US made animal figurines would separate them from the rest of the bland pack of animal figurines and allow customers who want to buy American an outlet. Currently there is no outlet for customers wanting US made figurines. To paraphrase what Julie Andrews said in Sound of Music “where ever a door closes, a window opens.” This has never been more true that in the current animal figurine industry. sandicast rhino figurineOne company that continues to make some of their unique line of Pellucida animal figurines in the USA is the figurines from the John Perry studio. During this time of transition and turmoil lie opportunities for incredible collecting and future value and that situation certainly applies to animal figurine industry. If you currently have animal figurines made in the USA treasure them, if you don’t search for them and especially if they are name brands like Sandicast, Stone Critters, The Herd, consider buying them for future collectible value.

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