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Sandicast Giraffe Figurines feature the original artwork of Sandra Brue

sandicast giraffe figurine original size The most unique animal on the African safari is the Giraffe, with it’s trademark long upright neck, to it’s patterned coat and overall towering height. Capturing this beauty in sculpture is the Sandicast Giraffe figurines in original size shown top and small size shown bottom. Originally made by the skilled hands of Sandra Brue out of clay the Sandicast Giraffe figurines are made of cast stone with detail hand painting using the original castings by Sandra Brue. Before sculpting the Giraffe figurine or any of the Sandicast figurines Sandra Brue would spend time with the Giraffes and take pictures of them in various poses. From these would come the inspiration Sandra Brue used to capture not only the beauty of the Giraffe but also the spirit and personality of this wonderful animal. small giraffe figurine sandicastFor Giraffe Gifts store collectors the Giraffe figurines are a perfect addition and would look dramatic on a shelf, mantle or curio cabinet. For travelers who have been fortunate enough to visit Africa and see giraffes in their native land the giraffe figurines are a nice reminder of the once in a lifetime experience of the wild lands of the Savannah.

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