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Golden Retriever Sandicast Figurines cherishes memories

golden retriever figurine sandicastGolden Retrievers are one of the most popular family pets. Featuring their beautiful golden coats, regal presentation and lovable personality Golden Retrievers will always be the first choice for active families. Historically Golden Retriever were bred as a hunters companion involved in land or water retrieval of waterfowl. Those traditions continue, however, new tasks for Golden Retrievers include drug sniffing, lost person searches and disaster relief. Relationships between Golden Retrievers and their owners or handlers become very special. Unfortunately this period of times is all to brief, therefore, to commemorate this special moment in time Golden Retriever figurines are an excellent gift. Sandicast Golden Retriever figurines are especially popular since they seem to like no other dog figurine captures the heart and sole of the breed in a way that looks so real you have to look twice to be sure it is just a dog figurine. Made originally by the artist Sandra Brue out of clay the Golden Retriever dog figurine is made of a cast stone compound which is detailed down to each individual hair, muscle, wrinkle and expression. sandicast golden retriever figurine lyingDesigned for shelves, curios, desks and tables the Golden Retriever figurine allows dog lovers to capture their pet’s memories in a lasting fashion which immortalizes their importance forever. If you have ever had any pet whether it is a Golden Retriever or some other breed or even a cat you know how close those relationships can become. It tears you apart when the life of that pet comes to an all too soon ending. For this reason dog figurines play an important emotional role in our lives the same way the pet did when it was here in the home. The Golden Retriever Sandicast Figurines cherish those memories for the rest of your life.

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