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Chocolate Lab Lifesize Puppy on Back Sandicast Figurine Statue Retired

Sandicast Chocolate Lab Puppy on Back Figurine StatueSandicast dog figurines was originally founded and owned by Sandra Brue. The Sandicast Dog line of figurines were originally made completely in their factory in San Diego CA. Twice a year new figurines were introduced to great anticipation in the dog figurine enthusiast world. Many popular dog breeds like Chocolate Labrador Retrievers were offered a variety of sizes and poses. At the height of the Sandicast dog figurine popularity era there were 3 Chocolate Labrador Lifesize puppies available for dog lovers. The 3 poses included the original lying down pose with biscuit, Sandra Brue then followed it up with a sitting up pose Chocolate Lab Figurine and her final pose was the Chocolate Lab Lifesize Puppy on it’s Back shown in the picture above. Featuring an adorable realistic life like pose this Sandicast Chocolate Lab Puppy on Back Figurine Statue is a testament to the dedication, imagination and creativity that Sandra Brue had for her entire line of dog figurines. Not satisfied with just one puppy lifesize figurine to portray the Chocolate Labrador Figurine Line she did three totally unique and totally different designs. Sandra Brue commented once to me that she the time spent on some figurines possibly the Chocolate Lab on Back Figurine may have been off the charts as far as time spent compared to other lifesize pieces however because of her love for the animals she created and devotion to offer an ever expanding line of product she kept the prices standardized for all lifesize dog figurines. Unfortunately for the general public but music to dog figurine collectors ears all 3 Chocolate Labrador Puppy Lifesize Figurines including the one pictured above are now retired, out of production and very limited inventory exists only in stores. Steve Forrest at Animal World comments, “It is sad that we once featured 3 beautiful Chocolate Lab Puppy Lifesize Sandicast Figurines. Today we have only one left in stock and when that is gone, we will be totally out of stock.” It is certainly a sign of the times, since Sandra Brue sold the Sandicast businiess there has been a large centralization of product line by Jillson Roberts. Dog figurines that have been labeled as slow sellers have been dropped from the line even with regard to popular dog breeds like the Chocolate Lab. If you are a Sandicast Collector now is the time to act to secure these once in a lifetime dog figurines.

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