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Pekingese Dog Figurines are dog figurines home decor fun.

orange pekingese figurine sandicastNothing is more unique that Pekingese and nothing captures the heart and sole of a Pekingese like a Sandicast Pekingese dog figurines. Made of cast stone and hand painted the Pekingese dog figurines are available in cream and red orange colors. Pekingese figurines are available in two sizes. The Pekingese figurines shown at the top are mid size 5″ long x 4″ high and the Pekingese figurine at the bottom is in the original size 8″long x 5″high. Pekingese historically were bred to be the indoor guard dogs of the elite of the Pacific rim namely China. With their energetic personality they also served as welcome family companion to the residents. cream pekingese figurine sandicast In addition to guard duties and companionship Pekingese were also good at preventing unwanted vermin from intruding the home where they would preside. This wonderful personality is captured in the adorable expression of all the Pekingese figurines. Sandra Brue has an almost uncanny ability to somehow capture the warmth, personality and beauty of the breed in the Pekingese in the figurines. The Sandicast Pekingese Figurines are made of cast stone but they look soft, real and alive. The Pekingese figurine is just one of many Sandicast dog figurines available in many popular breeds and also hard to find breeds as well. sandicast pekingese figurine largeFor dog lovers nothing can ever replace their pet Pekingese and the best way to capture that memory, feeling and significance is in a Pekingese dog figurine for the curio, shelf or mantle home dog decor.

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