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Rottweiler Dog Figurine is Sandicast home decor fun

rottweiler figurine sandicast os193Rottweilers are part of the working dog group and in history were referred to as the butchers dog. With their black with golden brown highlights Rottweilers look like large Doberman Pinschers. Today Rottweilers have become very popular as pets for people looking for large breed dogs. To capture the beauty and strength of this powerful breed Sandra Brue sculpted a beautiful Rottweiler dog figurine in the lying down pose. Made originally of clay by Sandra Brue current production is made of cast stone composite then hand painted providing soft details. Each hair on the Rottweiler figurine Sandicast is created starting at the back and working forward, hair upon hair just like a real dog. The eyes are made of glass which creates a wonderful lifelike expression. The Rottweiler figurine like all Sandicast figurirnes captures an almost real look and warmth not found in any other dog figurines. Rottweiler figurines as with all dog figurines look best if displayed so eye contact is achieved, therefore, some display better high others lower. For dog lovers looking for Rottweiler gifts the Rottweiler figurine Sandicast makes a thoughtful gift.

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