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Sandicast Shiba Inu Figurine Statues are classic dog home decor

sandicast shiba inu figurine original sizeWhen people mention the dog breed Shiba Inu most people would say hesitat in bewilderment. For knowledgeable dog breed lovers Shiba Inu dogs represent something special. Capturing the essence of the breed is the Sandicast Shiba Inu dog figurine. Made of cast stone with detailed hand painting the Shiba Inu dog figurine statues by Sandicast are very realistic. Sandra Brue the artist who created the original Shiba Inu Sandicast figurine and the larger companion size Shiba Inu figurines caught all the wrinkles, folds, muscle tones and the features of the breed from the beautiful facial expression to their unique upturned spiral tail. Detail is authentic down to the coat where Sandra Brue layered each hair painstakingly one upon the other in the correct pattern just like a real Shiba Inu dog. The original size Sandicast Shiba Inu Figurine shown above left is designed for display on a shelf preferably at a level where when you look at the Shiba Inu it is looking right back at you. sandicast shiba inu figurine companion sizeThe larger companion sized Shiba Inu is designed as floor decor and likewise it’s head is turned upward so that when you are looking down it is looking back at you just like a real dog. Sandra Brue has remarked several times that passers by mistakenly believe one of her statues is real and they even ask “is that dog ever going to move?” It is easy to understand the situation occurring with the Shiba Inu figurines or with any of the Sandicast figurines since all appear to exude a warmth and personality which transcends their cast stone makeup. This realism is what will make Sandicast Dog figurines a special collectible consideration for generations to come.

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