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Boxer Puppy Dog Figurine Statue is Adorable Home Decor

Boxer Puppy Figurine Statue Sandicast Snoozer

For many people the most adorable sight is the image of a puppy sleeping after an exhausting day of unencumbered play. This moment is captured for dog lovers everywhere in the Sleeping Boxer Puppy Dog Figurine Statue available online by dog figurine statue specialist Animal World. Capturing the innocence and adorable look of a Boxer puppy is the Sandicast Snoozer Boxer Puppy Figurine Statue which features amazing details from the expression filled face to the properly detailed hind quarters. Created originally in clay by the legendary artist Sandra Brue the Sandicast Boxer Snoozer Figurine Statue is the embodiment of a sleeping puppies unencumbered innocence of sleep after an obvious busy day of playing with it’s equally exhausted boxer puppy brothers and sisters. Featuring hand detailed painting with accurate air brush detailed shading this Boxer Puppy Figurine Statue is made of cast stone. Completing the realism which is the hallmark of all Sandicast dog figurines is the layered detailed individual overlapping hairs from back to front just like a real dogs coat.

Sandicast Wicker Bed
Wicker Bed for Snoozer Figurine Statue

Designed to be displayed on an eye level shelf the Boxer Puppy Figurine Statue looks best when placed upon its own Sandicast Wicker Bed. According to Mary Ann at Animal World “the Sandicast Wicker Beds unfortunately are no longer in production so supply of these is limited to supply on hand.”

Copy and Wicker Bed Photo by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Sandicast Boxer Snoozer Figurine Statue photo by Sandicast

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