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Sandicast White Tiger Figurine is Black White soft edge decor

sandicast white tiger figurineDecorating with a black white combination because of they are on polar opposite of the color spectrum. Because of this contrast the edges between black and white are often harsh and too distinct. When decorating a good way to soften black white decor is with animal figurines such as the Sandicast White Tiger Figurine. The White Tiger Figurine original size lying pose still offers black white decor but it creates a new dimension with round softer edges. Made of cast stone with hand detailed painting the White Tiger Sandicast Figurine is perfect for display on a shelf, table, curio and works best if on eye level for best effects. Whether displayed on a black shelf, a white shelf or a clear shelf the White Tiger figurine could easily become a major focal point in this scenario. Besides black white decor the White Tiger Figurine is the perfect gift for any tiger enthusiast. Many businesses and clubs also like to adopt the white tiger to demonstrate the power, strength and confidence of their respective groups. Schools may even adopt the white tiger as their mascot. For business, school, clubs, or organizations the Sandicast White Tiger Figurine could be part of the welcome area, trophy case or used in parties for table decor. The incredible detail of the White Tiger Figurine Sandicast makes this animal figurine an easy choice for a multitude of possible situations where color or love of wildlife are the central theme.

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