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Miniature Schnauzer T Shirt and Sweatshirt in Two Styles

Schnauzer T Shirt Salt and Pepper
Salt & Pepper Schnauzer T Shirt by

Whether you call them Schnauzer for short or Miniature Schnauzer to be more formal the dog breed has won the hearts of dog lovers worldwide with their devotion to family and exuberant personality Harnessing the wonderful Miniature Schnauzer dog breed in art are the two new Schnauzer T Shirts available online by dog breed lover t shirt specialist Animal World. The first Miniature Schnauzer T Shirt features the always popular striking salt and pepper style of schnauzer. The second Miniature Schnauzer T Shirt features the more muted tones of a Grey Miniature Schnauzer. Both dog t shirt designs capture the Miniature Schnauzer in an energetic ready to play pose. Made in the USA by Animal World, the Schnauzer T Shirts offer dog lover fashion fun in all popular sizes from youth to adult. Printed on natural color 100% cotton the Schnauzer T Shirts are comfortable for year round dog lover fashion. In addition, according to Mary at Animal World they can also custom print the schnauzer designs on sweatshirts. Mary also mentioned that another feature they offer is personalization so Schnauzer owners can also get their pets name on the t shirt or sweatshirt.

miniature schnauzer t shirt
Grey Schnauzer T Shirt by

With the dogs name personalizing the t shirt or sweatshirt the item almost seems to come to life exuding the personality of the dog and adding significance to the dogs importance within the family unit. Schnauzer dog lovers are very proud of their breed. The Miniature Schnauzer T Shirts and Sweatshirts in two styles are ready so Schnauzer dog owners can stake their claim and let the world know that Miniature Schnauzers are a wonderful dog breed.

Schnauzer T Shirt Article and Photography by Steve Forrest 

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