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Toy Tube Animals for education, creative, dioramas and play fun.

Everyone remembers playing with animal toys when we were young. Toy animals have retained their enduring quality over time which allows children to interact, imagine, create stories and play, all at the same time. Today Animal Toy Tubes are available in a wide variety of specific animals and groups of animals. Animal Toy Tubes come in dog, cat, farm, ocean, rainforest, shark, forest, dinosaur, alligator, frog, turtle, horse, Australian, desert, birds, big cats, monkeys, penguins, Galapagos, Arctic, coral reef, whales, dolphins, pets, panda, and insects. Animal Toy Tube assortments are perfect for play, education, school projects, dioramas and child development.

New Hermit Crab Toy

For people who love Hermit Crabs Toys and want an excellent replica of a hermit crab look no further than the new Hermit Crab Toy Replica at Crab Gifts at Animal World®. The detail on this hermit crab toy is incredible. It is perfect for play fun, for school projects, a child’s imagination or just collecting. It is shown about 2/3 of the way down the page after the crab stuffed animal plush, crossing signs, after the figurine and before the keychain.

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