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The heat is on, Summer is upon us and with it the sometimes scorching temperatures of the high 90’s and even into the hundreds. No other animal or in this case insect exemplifies adaptation to heat better than the scorpion. To recognize this special insect and it’s ability to thrive in conditions that would easily be catastrophic to other animals or people Animal World selects “scorpion” as the coupon code for the month of June. Celebrating this unique insect Animal World offers Scorpion Gifts Store items including scorpion plush stuffed animals, toy miniatures and crossing sign. Known for their trademark curled up and over tail with barbed stinger the Scorpion according to Wikipedia can be found on every continent except for Antarctica. Scorpions are most abundant in hotter regions but can also withstand freezing temperatures as well. Scorpions can be seen at any time during day, however, generally speaking they are nocturnal preferring shade and cooler areas during the day. Likewise Scorpions find hunting opportunities to be more beneficial during the night time hours. Scorpions are most famous for their look and especially the danger from being stung. To help prevent this occurrence Wildlife habitat areas often erect to advise and educate the public to the imminent danger of Scorpions. Similar to snakes and dinosaurs Scorpions are inherently interesting in education. For this reason teachers and educators enjoy presenting the subject to children. To make presentations and school projects more interesting the Scorpion plush stuffed animal and scorpion toy miniature provide safe easy to handle props that provide 3 dimensional realistic analysis. Scorpions are the perfect coupon code for Animal World for the month of June. With the coupon code returning customers can receive 10% off on any online retail purchases including Scorpions as well as the entire line of animal and pet theme gifts.

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