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Syncronized Swimming Contestents Resemble Sea Dragon Seahorse Toy Miniatures

Weady Seadragon Seahorse Toy Miniature
Weedy Sea Dragon Seahorse Toy Miniature

If people believe there is a wide variety of land animals it doesn’t compare to the variety of sea animals. A perfect example what you find on a coral reef such as the Weedy Sea Dragon Seahorse Toy Miniature represented in picture left. Resembling the Synchronized Swimmers of the Olympics with their  wild colored makeup and ability to remain vertically stationary the Weedy Sea Dragon Seahorse is already a gold medal winner in the contest to survive in harsh requirements for life in the ocean. Featuring an array of appendages used for propulsion but also for blending in with the plant life around which it resides the Weedy Sea Dragon Seahorse Toy Miniature is an extremely realistic representation replica.  Made by Safari Toys and offered online by animal toy miniature specialist Animal World the Seahorse Toy Miniatures are extremely realistic with regard to size, details and especially color. Studying seahorse in their native coral reef habitat is a virtually impossible situation. Even with scuba gear and the correct location seahorse would be impossible to view since they would perceive the mere presence of a swimmer as a extreme threat.

seahorse toy miniature red
Red Seahorse Toy Miniature

Even if located Seahorse by nature are extremely shy, incredible at blending in to their surroundings and basically invisible. In contrast the Weedy Sea Dragon Seahorse Toy Miniatures can be examined, important parts noted identified and best of all it can be handled up close and personal as if working with the real life sea animal. Likewise since the Weedy Sea Dragon Seahorse Toy Miniature is made of durable plastic it is durable and extremely break resistant. The Leafy Sea Dragon and the Red Seahorse Toy Miniature represent just 2 of several Seahorse toy miniatures like the Leafy Sea Dragon Seahorse Toy Miniature offered by Animal World. The Red Seahorse Toy Miniature even includes a baby seahorse clinging to it’s parent in the exact same way it would cling for protection in a real world ocean environment.

 Copy by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

 Pictures by Safari Toys

Capture Summertime Beach Memories Keepsakes with Plush Toy Stuffed Animals

orange seahorse plush stuffed animal toy

Currently Summer Vacations to the Beach are at a height of popularity. Unfortunately beach vacations for most last only a week so the obvious dilemma involves trying to capture those wonderful memories for all year long enjoyment. Pictures are fine but an ever growing way to capture those Summertime Beach memories is with ocean wildlife plush toy stuffed animals. Sealife plush stuffed animal toys now include a wide range of possibilities. Popular sealife plush toy stuffed animals include dolphins, sharks, pelicans, whales, orca killer whales, jellyfish, crabs, pelicans, lobsters, moray eels, octopus, seaturtles, and sting rays. Lesser known ocean sealife plush stuffed animal toys include the beluga whale, harp seal, marlin, penguin, puffin, sea otter, sea lion, seahorse, squid, starfish, sting ray and walrus. Most colorful of all sealife toys would easily include the orange, yellow, green or blue seahorse plush stuffed animal toys. Equally colorful is the bright orange octopus plush stuffed animal. Boys of course immediately gravitate toward the shark plush stuffed animals while girls tend to easily chose the happy dolphin plush toy stuffed animals as their natural favorite. For beach bird lovers it is hard not to swing toward the pelican stuffed animal plush toy because of it’s unique look and realistic features. Seafood restaurants often wish to create a sea life styled decor. For these situations any number of sealife plush stuffed animal toys could be incorporated to truly create a realistic and eye catching ocean lover beach style decor.

great white shark plush stuffed animal toy

Whatever Sealife Plush Stuffed Animal Toy the recipient can be assured of a continuation of the wonderful memories of lazy days of Summer vacation at the beach. As with all wildlife plush stuffed animal toys they offer unconditional love, friendship, ready companionship and they help you smile as you with a little imagination enjoy Summer beach life all year long.  

Copy, Photo and Video by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

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