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Seapals releases new Octopus, Starfish, Lobster, Dolphin, Blue Tang, Stingray and Manta Ray toys.

Seapals have introduced 8 new Seapal toys for underwater online educational, interactive fun. The new seapals look very colorful, come in their own aquarium like packaging and are finger puppet plush. New Seapals include a Pink Octopus, (pictured right) Gold Starfish, Blue Lobster, Silver Dolphin, Blue Tang Fish, Blue Stingray, Black Manta Ray and brown puffer fish. For children looking for an underwater imaginative adventure Seapals are a great gift for children.

Seapals Plush Toys are online underwater creative fun.

Seapals stuffed animal plush toys are a new online underwater play experience. Seapals come in several underwater creatures including a Sea Turtle, Shark, Seahorse (shown), Angelfish, Pink Anemonefish, and Purple Tang. Seapals come packaged in their own clear packaging as shown which makes it look like it is in it’s very own individual aquarium, how cool. With purchase of a Seapal the fun begins immediately with a bright colorful soft stuffed ocean animal which is also a finger puppet. Then when you go online to Seapals Website you can design your own virtual Seapad, fight pollution, explore the ocean, chat with friends, learn about marine life, and collect pearl points so you can customize your very own underwater world. These are similar to the popular Webkinz but offer a totally new experience which is educational, instructional and perfect for a childs imagination. I love the idea of Seapals since water especially the ocean has it’s own natural attraction. So many children love the underwater sea experience and Seapals will help them learn, create, and have fun all at the same time. More Seapals are to be released soon. If you are a collector you know the original release group becomes the most valuable so don’t hesitate to get the initial grouping as soon as possible.

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