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Cute New Shih Tzu Stuffed Animal Plush Toy Dog

Shih Tzu Plush Stuffed Animal Toy
Shih Tzu Plush Stuffed Animal Toy

When it comes to adorable it is hard to deny Shih Tzu dogs of this worthy title. Capturing this adorable quality in dog stuffed animal plush toys is the Shih Tzu Plush Stuffed Animal Toy available online by Animal World. Featuring deep luxurious soft white black plush this Shih Tzu stuffed animal toy dog is ready for immediate friendship and adventure. For Shih Tzu Gifts Store enthusiasts the Shih Tzu Stuffed Animal Plush Toy dog is easy to carry and surface washable. Measuring 8″ long x 9″ high x 5″ wide this Shih Tzu Plush Stuffed Animal Toy dog perfect for children of all ages. Made by Douglas Toys this dog plush stuffed animal toy is recommended for children ages 3 and up.

Shih Tzu Plush Stuffed Animal Toy Dog Article and photography by Steve Forrest 

A Shih Tzu Crossing Sign Dog Warning, Really ?

Shih Tzu Crossing SignAnimal and Dog Crossing signs are normally used to protect animals and people from possible unsafe encounters with horses, cows and ducks, but a Shih Tzu Crossing sign, really? However, that is exactly what is available to Shih Tzu dog lovers. Available at Animal World the new Shih Tzu Crossing Sign is perfect for warning any unsuspecting visitor or traveler that they are in the immediate presence and possible danger presented by a Shih Tzu. Weighing in from 8 pounds to the ultra heavy 16 pounds Shih Tzu actually were originally bred to be the inside guard dog for wealthy Chinese palaces. Because of their alertness and eagerness to sound the alarm Shih Tzu love to bark and can actually provide similar protection to houses today. So where would be the best place to affix the Shih Tzu Crossing Sign? First if there is the potential for Shih Tzu to bolt out of the house and across the street for safety function the Shih Tzu Crossing Sign could be placed on either side of a mailbox. For visitors to the house the Shih Tzu Crossing Sign can also be placed in a window with a suction cup or on a post by the front door. Likewise for intruders to the house the deterrent of a noisy ankle biter like a Shih Tzu might be just the uncontrollable type situation a burglar would want to avoid. For dog lover enthusiasts that possess a collection of Shih Tzu Gift Store items like Shih Tzu blanket, t shirt, plush stuffed animal, Sandicast figurine, doormat, plate, mug, and wall hanging the new Shih Tzu Crossing Sign is a perfect way to announce the lair. Made in the USA the dog crossing signs are made of durable aluminum with bright yellow caution color background, classic diamond shaped design and full color artwork the Shih Tzu Crossing Sign is an attention grabber. Each Shih Tzu Crossing Sign comes with a prepunched hole for ease of hanging on a post, fence, tree, door or wherever a dog crossing sign can provide safety function or indoor home decor fun.

Shih Tzu Blanket Throw Tapestry is dog lover home decor

Shih Tzu Blanket Throw Tapestry USAShih Tzu dog lovers are an enthusiastic group and nothing is too much to show their love of this unique, beautiful and dedicated to owner breed. With this in mind the Shih Tzu Blanket Throw Tapestry captures the warmth and spirit of dog which is part of the non-sporting dog breed. Made in the USA of 3 ply home grown 100% cotton this Shih Tzu Dog Blanket Throw Tapestry is produced on American production looms in North Carolina. Shih Tzu dogs are for show competion shown in a long cut like the blanket artwork. Even though most family Shih Tzu dog owners like to have their breed groomed in a puppy cut they appreciate the formal Shih Tzu long flowing cut appearance. The Shih Tzu artwork immediately draws your attention to the adorable eyes, then the expression filled face and last to the flowing lines of this gorgeous dog. Often dogs become closer to their owners then family members. Dogs greet their owners good day or bad day with the same love, attention and dedication. This relationship is special between each dog owner and their dog. The Shih Tzu Blanket Throw Tapestry provides a reminder or this special relationship and makes a special gift for birthdays, Christmas holidays or office parties. Shih Tzu Gift Store enthusiasts who are always looking for new collectibles will be thrilled to add the Shih Tzu Blanket throw tapestry to their collection of plush stuffed animals, figurines, t shirts, crossing signs, plate, doormat and keychain. For any Shih Tzu dog lover the Shih Tzu Blanket Throw Tapestry is dog lover home decor fun.

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