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New Shining Stars Stuffed Plush Toys are cool

The new Shining Stars Stuffed Plush Toys are really cool. They come in 24 styles, including cream, brown, blue, honey, pink bears, an elephant, horse, giraffe, beagle, white cat, orange tabby cat, poodle, frog, snowy owl, unicorn, lion, penguin, monkey, pig, cow, bunny, dragon, panda, tiger, yellow lab. Once you buy one you go to their website and there you can register your plush, give it a personality, and the really neat thing is you get to name a star. We first got a pink bear and named a star after my wife’s sister who passed a few years ago. We named the star “Sara Ellen” using her first and middle name. I will probably give one to myself as well, probably the beagle shown in the picture and I will use it in memory of my sister who died of cancer 4 years ago. We will name the beagle “Snoopy” since she loved the “Peanuts” cartoon strip, especially Snoopy and we will name the star “Marjorie Jean” after my sister. She was a wonderful woman,wife, mother to 3 great kids, super sister, care giver and friend to all in need.
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