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Snake Crossing Sign Warns Educates Unwary Visitors

snake crossing sign
Snake Crossing Sign

Most people would rank an encounter with a snake one of the most scary if not the scariest of all encounters. This is derived most from our inherent nature of anything under foot especially something that can bite and worst of all cause danger or death. For this reason and many other the good people at Animal World offer a Snake Crossing Sign in their collection of animal crossing signs. Featuring a kaleidoscope of various colored snakes the Snake Crossing Sign looks great but also carries with it a much desired information message. The Snake Crossing Sign lets everyone in the immediate area know that snakes are in the area and therefore it is best to beware. Made of durable aluminum the Snake Crossing Sign has a hole at the top so it is ready for mounting immediately on an necessary location including a wall, door, fence, tree or Newell post. Most snake encounters would occur outside, however, with many people harboring snakes as pets the possibility of coming face to face with a snake inside is just as possible. Measuring 17” high x 17” wide the Snake Crossing Sign features the classic bright yellow color on the synonymous diamond shape found on most warning signs. Made in the USA the Snake Crossing Sign represents the American way of taking a standard street crossing sign design and expanding the idea to incorporate everyday life needs. Snake Crossing Signs are one of the most important of all the animal crossing signs ever produced, however, they do not guarantee fool proof results, smart observation and adherence to their warning is the best solution. The Snake Crossing Sign above features nine different species of snakes in full color artwork.

Snake Crossing Sign Article by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography Website Consultant

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