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How to keep Birds out of your Pool with Snake Toy Replicas

Cobra Toy Snake Replica

Cobra Toy Snake Replica

large rattlesnake toy lifesize replica

Lifesize Rattlesnake Toy Replica

Every Summer people with pools look helplessly for ways to keep Ducks or other birds out of their nice clean pool. One effective way to keep birds and ducks out of the pool is utilizing realistic lifesize bird predators like snake toy replicas or other reptile predators like iguana toy replicas. According to Steve Forrest at Animal World ” a lot of people use the snakes and iguanas to scare birds and ducks away from their pool. The key is moving the snake toy replicas or iguana toy replicas around twice daily so they appear to be alive with movement.” Before landing in the pool the birds or ducks will always do a flyover for safety. They do this to determine the location possible predators such as a snakes or reptiles. If every time they come by they see or have to relocate the position of known predators this necessary step will add to their uneasiness or anxieties about the area and eventually they will leave to find a safer place to land. But consistent movement of the realistic animal toy snakes or iguana toy replicas is the key to this ruse being effective. Of all the animal toy miniatures the most popular is the Lifesize Rattlesnake toy large replica. With it’s wide open mouth and coiled ready to strike pose the Lifesize Rattlesnake Toy Large Replica shown above right is actually harmless but it looks absolutely deadly. Another  great action pose snake toy replica is the Cobra Toy Snake Replica with trademark Cobra fan neck and open menacing mouth shown above left. With it’s bendable body you can actually have it hanging off a branch, or for the truly evil it could wrap around the pool ladder, the pool diving board, or pool slide. Constant change of location could make this the most effective lifelike snake toy in the pool bird predator arsenal. Likewise the Sidewinder Rattlesnake Toy Replica is in a realistic action crawling pose as if it on it’s way swiftly across whatever surface it is on. The green iguana appears to be in an ready position but in a more stealthy calculated position. All create an immediate concern to any bird or ducks that are planning an afternoon party day at your pool. Since the Snakes are made of durable rubber style plastic some people put the lifelike snake toy replicas in the pool. With these lifelike snake toy replicas in plain view underwater any observant smart duck would search somewhere else for a safe place to land and cool off. The Coral Snake Toy Replica or Boa Snake Toy Replica would be best for use underwater or on the pool walkways. The king of all snake toy replicas however is the Cottonmouth Snake Toy Replica. For anyone who has ever encountered a real Cottonmouth Poisonous Snake they are the ugliest, meanest disposition, won’t back down snake anyone could ever encounter. For this reason the highlight of any pool bird predator walkway gauntlet has to include the selection of the despised bad boy Cottonmouth Snake Toy Water Mocassin Replica shown below left. Everyone loves Summer time fun at the pool, however, no one wants to jump in the pool after a recent visit by the friendly neighborhood ducks. With a little work along with creativity and imagination it is easy to keep the pool clean simply by utilizing snake toy replicas to safely keep unwanted birds and ducks out of the pool and if it scares a few of your visitors at the same time just laugh it off and enjoy the pool.

cottonmouth snake toy replica

Cottonmouth Snake Toy Replica

Sidewinder Rattlesnake Toy Figurine

Sidewinder Rattlesnake Toy Replica

iguana toy miniature replica

Lifelike Iguana Toy Replica

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