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New Snow Leopard Stuffed Animal Plush Toy at Anwo Animal World

Snow Leopard Plush Stuffed Animal Toy Irbis
Snow Leopard Plush Stuffed Animal “Irbis”

When it comes to elusive animals the Snow Leopard is at the top of most scientists list. This is somewhat true in the toy industry where Snow Leopard plush stuffed animals are almost as scarce. With the introduction of the new Snow Leopard Plush Stuffed Animal Toy offered online by realistic animal toy specialist Animal World, hopefully, the Snow Leopard will not be as scarce. Made by Douglas toys the Snow Leopard Stuffed Animal Toy Plush represents this elusive wild cat realistically with its trademark white, black and silver leopard patterned markings. For any Snow Leopard Gift Store collector this piece is a no brainer for birthdays, Christmas and other gift giving opportunities. This Snow Leopard is called “Irbis” because that is the Russian name for Snow Leopards. Snow Leopards are on the endangered species list and can be found in the mountains of South and Central Asia thus the origin of the Irbis name for Snow Leopard.

Snow Leopard Plush Stuffed Animal Toy Article and Photography by Steve Forrest

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