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Squid Toy Miniatures are deep water educational play fun

squid toy miniatureSquid Toy Miniatures are realistic for deep water educational play fun. Made of durable plastic the Squid Toy Miniatures are ready for active educational play fun whether in the classroom, in school project dioramas or for underwater aquatic displays. Made by Safari the Squid Toy Miniatures meet all American and European safety standards for Toy Safety. Recently Calamari or Squid has become famous especially because of Kellie Pickler squeamish reaction to Squid at a restaurant on American Idol. Also recently there has been news regarding fishermen trying to catch Squid with deep undersea lures. Squid are a beautiful deep water animal of the sea that needs to be left alone to simply handle the challenges every animal faces in their own time held habitat. This is why animal toy miniatures are so well received academically and environmentally. With the Squid Toy Miniatures you can inspect, learn, analyze and experience a squid up close. This safe experience for the handler as well as the squid is much more beneficial for all parties. The same qualities of safe handling for the animal and the handler are true not only for the Squid toy miniatures and for all the animal toy miniatures. The Squid toy miniatures come in 2 sizes a large 16″ long one pictured above left and a smaller 10″ long one pictured lower left. both feature realistic features from head to tentacles, to extended tentacles. Squid Toy miniatures are great for school, education, diorama projects but the best use is always for children’s creative minds and imagination which makes learning fun.

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