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Squirrel Crossing Sign promotes Animal Safety and Awareness

squirrel crossing signAlmost everywhere in neighborhoods with tall trees Squirrels make their home. Unfortunately the combination of Squirrels and city streets all to often leads to squirrels losing encounters with automobiles. No one on purpose hits a squirrel but simply by nature Squirrels tend to dart across the road at inopportune time for their welfare. The new Squirrel Crossing Sign however bring an awareness to areas populated by squirrels so that drivers at minimum slow down and watch out for these adorable, inquisitive animals. Designed for outdoor use the Squirrel Crossing Sign is made of durable aluminum with bright yellow finish, full color artwork, is made in the USA and has a prepunched hole for easy hanging. For many squirrels become an obsession. Squirrel gift store enthusiast often collect items including squirrel plush stuffed animals, puppets, earrings, keychain, pillow, necktie, toys miniature figurines and jewelry pins. For these squirrel lovers the squirrel crossing sign could be used creatively indoors as a way of declaring to visitors that they are drawing close to a squirrel shrine.Whether used outdoors for squirrel safety or indoors for home decor the squirrel crossing sign brings a smile to the face of squirrel lovers and any animal lover.

Post written by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

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