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Squirrel Pillow Welcome to the Nuthouse for Squirrel lovers

squirrel pillow welcome to the nuthouse
People who love Squirrels are sometimes called nutty. Often people affectionately nickname their house the nut house. For these people the perfect gift is the Squirrel Welcome to the Nuthouse pillow. Made in the USA the Squirrel Pillow is a fun gift for any squirrel lover. For squirrel home decor, you can use the pillow on a shelf, on a chair or of course you can use it as a highlight pillow on the sofa. Wherever the Squirrel Pillow Welcome to the Nuthouse is utilized it will be a focal point of humor for all and a mood setter for the entire home decor. The Squirrel Pillow is just one of many wonderful Squirrel gifts including plush stuffed animals, earrings, crossing signs, pins, neckties, toys, and puppets. Of course the Squirrel Pillow Welcome to the Nuthouse will remain one of the most popular of all animal and pet lover gifts and with the September Coupon code “pelican” you can get 10% off on any purchase during the month of September 2009.

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