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Standing Red Panda Plush Stuffed Animal wants a Hug

standing red panda plush stuffed animal toyThe new Standing Red Panda Plush Stuffed Animal Toy is so adorable it appears to be reaching for a hug. This cute red panda plush is great for the red panda lover. The standing pose is unusual and makes you want to pick it up. The Large Red Panda Plush is also a great option for red panda lovers. It is large enough to really hug it. Red pandas are also called a lesser panda. Related to it’s bigger cousin the giant panda. They live in the mountains of China. Their diet like the Giant panda is almost exclusively bamboo which is unusual for a carnivore. Carnivores are usually associated with being beasts of prey and being formidable hunters that eat meat. The Giant Panda has a special wrist bone that is somewhat elongated and enlarged that serves like a thumb. The red panda has the same adaptation only not as defined. The red panda also eats other vegetation and some insects. The red panda resembles a raccoon with it’s face mask and striped fluffy tail. It is smaller than a raccoon weighing 6 – 11 lbs; raccoons weigh 11 – 33 lbs. The reddish fur is well represented in the red panda plush stuffed animal especially the standing red panda plush and the large red panda plush stuffed animal. large red panda stuffed animal toy

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