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Stone Critters Cardinal Bird Figurine is animal figuries beautiful

For many people when they think of animal figurines they think Stone Critters and often when people think of birds they think of Cardinals. When you combine the two you get the Stone Critters Cardinal Bird Figurine Pair. Everyone gets excited when a male Cardinal Bird comes by for a visit. Equally dazzling often is the female Cardinal with the colors of copper highlighted by red. If the sun hits the female or male Cardinal together in the sunlight their colors just explode in brilliance. Cardinal pairs are facinating to watch especially when the male Cardinal appears to be kissing the female and in reality is feeding her, how romantic. Made of cast stone with expert hand detail painting the Cardinal Bird Figurine Pair by Stone Critters is adorable and a must have for any backyard bird lover enthusiast. Perfect for mantles, shelves or curios the Cardinal Figurine Pair by Stone Critters captures the special relationship between the male and female Cardinals as they build their relationship and grow their family.

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