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Black Lab Figurines imortalize America’s favorite dog breed

sandicast black lab figurine labrador original sizeNo other dog embodies America like the Black Lab. Bred as a companion helper for hunters the Black Lab strength is in retrieving on land but especially in water. With it’s web feet the Black Lab is a powerful swimmer and with it’s tight 3 layer coat it can handle the cold water like a beaver. To immortalize the Black Lab and it’s important role in our American history dog figurine companies like Sandicast, Stone Critters, Westland, Conversation Concepts and Country Artists have produced a variety of beautiful Black Lab Figurines for Labrador dog lovers. The Sandicast Black Lab Figurine shown above features the classic resting but alert and ready pose. Made of cast stone with incredible hand detail the Black Lab Figurine Sandicast Labrador captures muscle tone, subtle folds, and most remarkable the unmistakable beautiful expression of the Black Labrador. stone critters black lab figurine with decoyThe Black Lab Figurine shown middle is by Stone Critters features a sitting pose with a mallard duck decoy as if to say “I am ready”. Stone Critters the manufacturer originally was located in Oklahoma, however, recently they have been purchased by Russ Berrie. The Black Lab with decoy figurine remains in the original Stone Critters mold with the same cast stone and hand detail, however, now the packaging says Russ. The puppy Black Lab Figurine shown bottom features a very young eager but sleepy Black Labrador puppy. Dogs play such an important role in our lives, from companion, to friend, to cheerleader and one day they become a memory. For this reason dog owners have sought dog figurines that will help remember the special moments that are spent together. For many dog owners a good part of their lives is spent alone with their dog. This is especially true for hunters who will spend countless hours waiting for opportunities to country artists black lab puppy figurine yawninghunt with their dog and these times are special bonding moments. Since Black Labradors are the breed of choice for most hunters the demand for Black Lab figurines will always remain strong. These same qualities that appeal to hunters has also made Black Labs a favorite breed for families. Black Labradors because of their keen sense of smell have saved many lives in search and rescue efforts in the woods, on snow and during earthquakes. Since the Black Labs intertwine with humans on a daily basis in all these ways Black Lab Figurines will remain a mainstay in the dog figurines gift business.

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