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Baby Panda Bear Cub Sadly Passes

panda bear mother baby plush stuffed toypanda bear ty beanie babyIt is with a heavy heart that we learned that the new baby Panda Bear Cub has passed. The new baby Panda Bear was a surprise since its mother was considered to be outside of it’s child bearing years. Whether this was a reason for the baby Panda bears passing will be left to the experts. Nevertheless it always seems to reason that a baby Panda Bear born in it’s free natural habitat has a much better chance for survival versus the high tension stress filled life of any animal living in captivity. Having the baby born in a zoo is exciting for patrons. However, no woman would want to have childbirth on Main Street like that along with a life in an aquarium situation when having their own baby. This will continue and unfortunately most Pandas in the world will live in Zoos versus living in the wild. This is already the case with Tigers. The state of Texas is home to more Tigers than any other place in the world, true but sad. For children handling the loss of the baby Panda Bear Cub at the National Zoo in DC Panda Plush Stuffed Animal Toys may be a suitable solution to handle hearts which are at this time hurting and need comforting. The Panda Plush Toy Stuffed Animals also bring an awareness to the life struggles this species handles on an almost daily basis in a world where natural habitat continues to diminish.

Article and Photos by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Squirrel Stuffed Animal Plush Gifts for Squirrel Appreciation Day January 20

squirrel stuffed animal plush toy silverr

Squirrel Stuffed Animal Plush Toy

Today January 20 is Squirrel Appreciation Day. To best way to celebrate this interesting unique day is with Squirrel Stuffed Animal Plush Toys.  As with all wild animals found in nature it is always best to enjoy them from a safe distance. With their unpredictability Squirrels can be observed and studied but they should never be handled. Of course this is not the answer some squirrel enthusiasts wish to hear. For them the best solution for Squirrel Appreciation Day or anytime is Squirrel Stuffed Animal Plush Toys. These Squirrel plush stuffed toy animals can be handled, loved, collected and studied safely as if they were actual real living breathing squirrels. Because of their transportability Squirrel stuffed animal plush toys make bring the feeling of their presence to places where squirrels may not be as predominant as other areas. This can be especially important in classroom eduction.  Similarly for children wishing to take their squirrel lovey with them the Squirrel Stuffed Animal Plush Toys can go anywhere, even to bed or on vacation.

Written by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography


Snake plush stuffed animals are educational play fun

blue rock rattlesnake plush stuffed animalEveryone is fascinated by snakes. If you are out hiking you may come upon a snake. Usually people scream “a snake”, then wait for it to pass as no one wished to provoke a snake. This reaction of course only serves to heighten our interest in snakes. If you are looking for a fun way to enjoy snakes you may wish to consider one of the bright colorful Snake plush stuffed animals available. Stuffed animals have come a long way since your old teddy bear and plush snakes are no exception. You can get a plush snake stuffed animal in all your favorite colors and species. How about a Blue Rock Rattlesnake stuffed animal or maybe a brightly colored Corn Snake plush. These Snake plush stuffed animals you can hold, admire, and take with you and no one will scream snake. Some of the stuffed animal snakes like the rattlesnake plush even come with a rattle sound in the tail. Stuffed animal snake plush can also serve an excellent purpose in snake education, snake story time and snake jungle decor. If you are doing a report on a certain species of snake a snake stuffed animal plush may be useful for demonstration or as a prop. corn snake plush stuffed animalStage and movies also sometimes need to produce a certain feeling and snake stuffed animals have been used for these special situations. Of course for the boy who wants a pet snake a pet stuffed animal plush may be the only potential solution. Snakes come in a wide range of stuffed animal plush including the Blue Rock Rattlesnake shown above and the Corn Snake shown below. Their is also a Green Rock Rattlesnake, a Twin Spotted Rattlesnake, a Purple Timber Rattlesnake, a Siamese Twin Krate Snake, an Anaconda Snake, a Coral Snake, a Sharp Nosed Viper Snake, a Rhinocerous Viper Snake, a Carpet Python Snake, and a Rainbow Boa snake.

Whale Sharks: are they a shark or a whale?

Are Whale Sharks whales or are they sharks? The answer is very simple whale sharks are sharks. Whale Sharks breathe through gills like fish, whereas whales are mammals and must surface to breathe oxygen as we do before they dive underwater sometimes for very extended periods of time. Whale sharks are a very popular topic for students doing ocean marine life projects for school and often they will use whale shark toy miniature replicas in creating ocean scenes of their own imagination. Teachers can also create underwater scenes as well using whale shark plush stuffed animals hung from the ceiling thereby making their very own fun underwater classroom experience. The large Whale Shark plush stuffed animal shown is also popular for boys who want to give their girlfriends that love or study marine biology a nice whale shark gift.

Manufacturers Bad Trend toward selling to customer direct

Manufacturers of many animal and pet theme gifts are starting to sell to customers direct through there own websites. This is a very disturbing trend for retailers carrying a manufacturers products. It is good for the manufacturer in the short run only, since their name recognition in retail stores carrying their goods drives customers to their website. Here customers can buy from the manufacturers direct bypassing the retail store where they originally saw the item. The customer is still paying full retail, plus shipping but they feel like they did better since they were able to buy direct and in their own mind “bypass the middleman”. Retailers because of this stab, then stop carrying product from that company, hence the product loses exposure, value in the customer eyes and in the long run the manufacturer loses. Any retail store after having been burned would then be very hesitant return the product to retail inventory at any time in the future. Time can be better spent with manufacturers standing behind the retailers not going behind their back. Most of these factory websites selling direct “use”retailers as fullfillers to increase sales initially and maybe to ease their conscience. This also does not work since the factories quietly have their own “store” to fullfill the huge orders or hard to fill orders that only they can fill since they are never out of stock. This means the fullfiller retail stores get the dregs, ie the small, orders that never amount to much in comparison to wasted time constantly “bidding” on orders with very remote chances of winning. The manufacturers are in the best position to help the retailers that made them famous, this disturbing trend will only hurt in the long run. Just ask manufacturers that have done this and failed. That is right they failed, they do not exist any more, there is no one to ask. One made figurines, another made t-shirts, another made stuffed animal plush.

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