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Koala T Shirts are Australian Fashion Lover Fun

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When people think of Australia, images of Koalas in trees come immediately to mind. One business an Australian airline called Quantas even used the Koala as their mascot for the airline to epitomize that you can leave your cares behind when you fly with them. Known for their relaxed methodical way of approaching life Koalas are a popular animal for anyone who enjoys a quiet, relaxing, resort style pace of life. Capturing the essence of a Koala in wildlife animal fashion is the Koala T Shirt. Made in the USA by Wildlife Animal T Shirt specialist Animal World the Koala T Shirt is printed on comfortable natural color 100% cotton. Available in sizes from children to adult the Koala T Shirt promotes awareness of this special animal. Known as an exotic animal this special animal from Australia deserves the right to exist naturally in the wild without the need of artificial habitats like those provided in zoos to ensure its existence. As with most exotic animals the Koala needs a specialized set of circumstances usually only available in select areas to create the natural habitat it needs in order to survive in the wild. Featuring a large Koala print on the front the Koala T Shirt made in America by Animal World lets everyone present know that the Koala T Shirt wearer loves Koalas. For enthusiasts searching for Koala Gifts the Koala T Shirt is an inexpensive solution and they are made in the USA. The Koala video below offers a glimpse of this adorable animal relaxing and enjoying its habitat.

Koala T Shirts are Australian Fashion Lover Fun Article and Photo by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography


Polar Bear T Shirt USA for Animal Lover Family Fashion

polar bear t shirt usaEveryone knows and recognizes Polar Bears when they are shown on TV during nature specials or when their caricature is depicted in commercials like the Coca Cola Polar Bear advertisements. With all this familiarity with Polar Bears animal most people will go through their lives and never witness the honor of seeing a wild Polar Bear in it’s native habitat. Most large zoos have large Arctic lik habitats for Polar Bears, however, nothing compares the drama and excitement of witnessing Polar Bears in their natural Arctic setting. Capturing this beauty is the Polar Bear T Shirt Family by Animal World. Printed in the USA by Animal World the Polar Bear T Shirt is available for all members of the family from the smallest child to the largest adult. The Polar Bear family artwork is also available on Polar Bear Sweatshirts likewise available in youth to adult sizes. Polar Bears are so important to not only their place in Arctic habitat life they also have an equally important place on this earth as one of the most magnificent animals on earth and certainly the largest mammal within it’s Arctic domain.

Post by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

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