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Thanksgiving turkey crossing signs for holiday decor

turkey crossing signNovember is upon us and with it thoughts move toward Thanksgiving. Turkeys are the chosen representative of Thanksgiving and for that reason the Turkey Signs are perfect for outdoor function and indoor decor fun. Made of aluminum with bright yellow color on the definitive diamond shaped the Turkey Crossing sign are perfect for nature trails, wildlife habitats, and private roads. For indoor decor Turkey crossing signs can be used to announce the Thanksgiving theme, or a collection of turkey collectibles like plush stuffed animals, figurines, puppets, and other turkey related memorabilia. The holidays are about bringing family together and having fun. To set the tone at family get together or office parties the Turkey Crossing signs are able to make people laugh and chuckle. At the infancy of our country the Turkey was considered by many including George Washington to adopt the turkey as the national bird. Some schools including Virginia Tech have adopted the turkey as their mascot. They call it a gobbler as a nickname for turkey. For universities, schools or groups that have adopted the Turkey as their mascot the Turkey Crossing Sign could serve purpose for esprit decor, morale and as a rally sign. From a functional purpose on Turkey farms the Turkey crossing signs can obviously educate visitors and the public and provide warning to be on the lookout for turkeys. Teachers are always looking for ways to decorate their room for November. The Turkey crossing signs can have an immediate impact for producing warm and cozy feelings for family and Thanksgiving. All animal crossing signs like the turkey sign are designed for outdoors safety function and indoor decor fun. With just a little imagination you may apply your own ideas for the Turkey Crossing Sign this Thanksgiving Holiday season.

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