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New Tiger Crossing Sign added to Animal Crossing Signs at Animal World

tiger crossing sign
Tiger Crossing Sign USA

 New animal crossing sign artwork is a constant train of events for Animal Crossing Signs at Animal World. The newest animal sign design involves the always popular Tiger Crossing Sign. The new artwork features a close up of the Tiger face which replaces the most recent Tiger pouncing artwork. Regardless of the design each Tiger Crossing Sign features full color artwork which highlights the Tiger in a realistic natural pose. Printed on the classic bright caution yellow diamond shaped background constant with all animal crossing signs the Tiger crossing sign immediately demands your attention. Made of durable all weather aluminum the Tiger Sign is perfect for use outdoors, mounted on a post, fence, wall, tree or any necessary location. A little known fact involves tigers living in the United States. Today the largest populations of tigers in the world surprisingly reside within the borders of the US. For this reason if you come upon a Tiger crossing sign you may wish to heed the warning, it may be for a real tiger or tigers. A more likely location would be at zoos and wildlife habitats which would incorporate the Tiger Crossing Signs along their nature path in order to educate visitors of impending entertainment. In addition, with the animal crossing signs beautiful artwork the Tiger Crossing Sign is equally effective indoors for home décor and good humored fun. Many schools and clubs have adopted Tigers as their mascot. For these groups and other similar organizations the Tiger Crossing Sign can be a increase morale and creates a focal point at meeting rooms. Many people love Tigers simply because of their unmatched beauty, power and unique look. For these Tiger gifts store lovers the Tiger Crossing Sign can used to announce to visitors an area in the house that has been set aside as a tiger collectibles lair. Their one might find Tiger plush stuffed animals, figurines, toy miniatures, puppets, throw blankets, mugs and other Tiger memorabilia. To set this area apart from other areas the Tiger Crossing Sign may be just the answer. Whatever the need indoors or outdoors the new Tiger Crossing Sign with it’s full face Tiger artwork stands ready to educate, warn and enlighten animal lovers whatever the case may require.

Tiger Crossing Sign article picture by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Tiger Crossing Signs for school spirit, business and education

tiger crossing sign
Tiger Crossing Signs can be useful in many ways from school to business and in education. So many schools use tigers as their mascot and for them a Tiger Crossing sign can warn anyone from another school that they are in danger when they are in tiger territory. For the Oscar Smith Tigers of Chesapeake VA high school spirit is at an all time high after their Virginia State championship in football last year. The Tiger animal crossing signs proclaims to all visiting teams that respect is due, the same is true at the university level where schools like LSU can use Tiger crossing signs for the same effect. High school and college students can use the tiger signs to decorate their rooms, dormitories, schools or student unions. Teachers work often in teams and quite often team teachers give themselves names like the tiger team. In this situation the Tiger signs can inform students that they are part of this special group which is the tiger team. Teachers could display the Tiger sign in their room in a prominent area or even on the door. For business a group could use a tiger to show the characteristics of they wish to represent. Exxon used a tiger sign in their logo and told customers to put a tiger in their tank with Exxon gas. Kelloggs Sugar Frosted Flakes used Tony the Tiger to help sell cereal by saying their great. For businesses that wish to use Tigers to represent their business the Tiger signs may help boost morale and esprit decor. Clubs can also adopt the Tiger as their mascot. For clubs Tiger Crossing signs may be useful for party decor and even fund raising. Realistically though unless you are in areas where tigers actually live it is unlikely you will come across a tiger in the wild. However for areas such as zoos and controlled habitat areas that protect tigers a series of Tiger Signs to inform visitors that they are approaching a tiger a habitat or zoo area. Tiger Crossing Signs like all animal crossing signs from listed sources are made of durable aluminum measuring 12″ x 12″ diamond square and are printed in the USA.

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