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New Tiger Crossing Sign added to Animal Crossing Signs at Animal World

tiger crossing sign
Tiger Crossing Sign USA

 New animal crossing sign artwork is a constant train of events for Animal Crossing Signs at Animal World. The newest animal sign design involves the always popular Tiger Crossing Sign. The new artwork features a close up of the Tiger face which replaces the most recent Tiger pouncing artwork. Regardless of the design each Tiger Crossing Sign features full color artwork which highlights the Tiger in a realistic natural pose. Printed on the classic bright caution yellow diamond shaped background constant with all animal crossing signs the Tiger crossing sign immediately demands your attention. Made of durable all weather aluminum the Tiger Sign is perfect for use outdoors, mounted on a post, fence, wall, tree or any necessary location. A little known fact involves tigers living in the United States. Today the largest populations of tigers in the world surprisingly reside within the borders of the US. For this reason if you come upon a Tiger crossing sign you may wish to heed the warning, it may be for a real tiger or tigers. A more likely location would be at zoos and wildlife habitats which would incorporate the Tiger Crossing Signs along their nature path in order to educate visitors of impending entertainment. In addition, with the animal crossing signs beautiful artwork the Tiger Crossing Sign is equally effective indoors for home décor and good humored fun. Many schools and clubs have adopted Tigers as their mascot. For these groups and other similar organizations the Tiger Crossing Sign can be a increase morale and creates a focal point at meeting rooms. Many people love Tigers simply because of their unmatched beauty, power and unique look. For these Tiger gifts store lovers the Tiger Crossing Sign can used to announce to visitors an area in the house that has been set aside as a tiger collectibles lair. Their one might find Tiger plush stuffed animals, figurines, toy miniatures, puppets, throw blankets, mugs and other Tiger memorabilia. To set this area apart from other areas the Tiger Crossing Sign may be just the answer. Whatever the need indoors or outdoors the new Tiger Crossing Sign with it’s full face Tiger artwork stands ready to educate, warn and enlighten animal lovers whatever the case may require.

Tiger Crossing Sign article picture by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Create Tiger Home Decor with Tiger Blanket Throw Tapestry Afghans

 stalking tiger blanket throw tapestry afghanOne of the simplest ways to create a dramatic tiger home decor theme to any room is with the Tiger Blanket Throw Tapestry Afghans. Featured online by animal and pet theme gift specialist Animal World Tiger lovers have the choice between two beautiful Tiger Blanket Throw Tapestry Afghans. Used separately or for even stronger effect together the two Tiger Blanket Throw Tapestry Afghans are large enough to have a maximum effect when hung or framed in a wall decor theme. The Stalking Tiger Blanket Throw Tapestry Afghan features a Tiger on the hunt in a natural looking setting of tall grasses. The second a Tiger Blanket Throw Tapestry Power Face offers a close up of the tiger’s face in a more relaxed but still very powerful pose. tiger face blanket throw tapestryMade in the USA of 3 ply 100% cotton the Tiger Stalking blanket highlights on the vertical and measures 69″ high x 52″ high. In comparison the Tiger Face blanket features a horizontal design and measures 68″ wide x 51″ high. With consumers searching to purchase products made in America it is refreshing to discover that these along with many other animal blanket throw tapestries are made in the USA. Animal lovers are always looking for ways to incorporate their enthusiasm with home decor and tigers are one of the most popular wildlife themes. Tiger Gifts Store collectibles like the Tiger Blanket Throw Tapestry Afghan make popular choices for business office gifts, school fund raisers, organizations, clubs and of course personal birthday, anniversaries or Christmas. With either Tiger Blanket Throw Tapestry Afghan tiger lovers can easily and immediately create beautiful tiger home decor.

Photography and post by Steve Forrest Writer Video PhotographyLink

Mini Tiger Toy Miniature Figurine is Mini Plastic Animal Toys Educational Fun

mini tiger toy plastic animal When it comes to the king of the jungle it is undoubtedly the Tiger. With it’s huge size, massive head, incredible striped marking and muscular physique it is also the largest of cat surpassing even the lion in size. Capturing the majesty and beauty of the magnificent animals is the extensive line of Safari Tiger plastic animal toys from mini to large. Featured online by Animal World the Tiger toy plastic animals range in size from 1″ long mini tiger toys to large ready for display Wildlife Wonders Tigers measuring upwards of 10″ long. Shown above left the Tiger Toy Mini Good Luck is perfect for collecting or projects where miniaturization is required. School diorama projects are an excellent use for these Mini Tiger Toy Plastic animals. Posed in various directions each Mini Tiger Toy plastic animal can still project it’s own unique pose. Bengal Tiger Cub Toy Miniature Four other larger mini tiger toy animal miniatures are available at Animal World on their Tiger Gifts Store page. There tiger lover enthusiasts can shop for a Bengal Tiger Cub Toy Miniature, an adult Bengal Tiger Toy Miniature shown middle left and even a Siberian Tiger Toy Miniature. For Tiger home decor enthusiasts the Large Wildlife Wonders Tiger Toy Miniature replica can also double as a tiger statue for use on a mantle, shelf or in a curio cabinet. Made by Safari of safe PVC plastic meeting all the rigid American and European standards for toy safety the Tiger Toy mini plastic animal toys combine fun with a playful learning experience. Bengal Tiger Toy MiniatureFor outside the box tiger lovers the Bengal Tiger Toy or the Siberian Tiger Toy have expanded possibilities to include business, clubs and organizations that either use the tiger as their moniker or as a rally point to invigorate or promote team unity. For these areas of need the adult Bengal Tiger Toy Miniature or the Siberian Tiger Toy Miniature would be a excellent choice. If a snarling menacing tiger is the goal then the obvious choice is the Siberian Tiger toy miniature.Siberian Tiger Toy Miniature Whether the tiger toy miniatures are used as a plastic toy animal or as a tiger statue figurine all the Safari Tiger Toys featured online by Animal World are ready to step up to the task of multi tasking as a educational learning play toy representation of the beautiful Tiger.

Written by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Tiger Blankets Throw Tapestry USA for Tiger Lover Home Decor

tiger blanket throw tapestry faceThere is no animal wild cat on earth more threatening than a tiger. Larger than even a lion the tiger in particular the Siberian Tiger has no peer. With it’s immediately recognizable orange, black and white striking stripes the Tiger is a remarkable achievement in the evolution of wild cats. Equally remarkable is the Tiger’s gorgeous, majestic, expression filled face. Capturing the Tiger in art is the new Tiger Blanket Throw Tapestries. Made in the USA and featured online by Animal World the Tiger Blanket Throw Tapestries do justice to this incredibly beautiful animal. Produced by Manual Woodworkers on looms in North Carolina the Tiger Blanket Throw Tapestries are perfect for tiger lover home decor or warmth on cold winter days. tiger prowling blanket throw tapestryThe Tiger Blanket Throw Tapestry shown above left provides a close of the majestic tiger’s face. The Tiger Prowling Blanket Throw Tapestry shown below left in contrast depicts a tiger on the hunt surrounded by it’s natural habitat. From potential use by business, schools, clubs or for personal gifts the Tiger blanket throw tapestries will continually make excellent, thoughtful choices for all Tiger gifts store enthusiasts. In addition since the Tiger animal blanket throw tapestries are made in America they offer pride in craftmanship so seldom found in gift selection offerings today.

Post written by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Auburn Tigers vs Oregon Ducks – Gifts for fans

duck plush stuffed animal

Duck Plush Stuffed Animal

tiger earrings gold french curve

Tiger Earrings Gold French Curve

The BCS National Championship is about to be played between the Auburn Tigers and the Oregon Ducks. On Monday night we will find out whether the Tigers or the Ducks come out on top. Universities, colleges, high schools and clubs often pick animals to use a rally point for what the want to symbolize. For fans of the Auburn Tigers or the Oregon Ducks their are many Tiger gifts store items and Oregon gifts store ideas. For Auburn Tigers fans their are Tiger blankets, plush stuffed animals, Sandicast figurines, puppets, earrings, crossing signs, toy miniatures, neckties, picture frames and t shirts. For Oregon Ducks gifts store fans there are Duck throw blankets, pillows, crossing signs, plush stuffed animals, puppets, toy miniatures, neckties, keychains and figurines. Following a sports team like the Oregon Ducks or the Auburn Tigers when they reach the pinnacle of college football is a heady moment. To celebrate this special exciting times the Tiger earrings or the Duck Plush Stuffed Animal help make pregame and after game activities more fashion fun.

Tiger Earrings for animal fashion jewelry fun

tiger earrings gold french curveTiger Earrings Gold French Curve are elegant, beautiful, perfect for dress up or casual and they are made in the USA. For school with Tiger as the mascot, Tiger Earrings can create a feeling of school camaraderie. Cheerleaders could easily add Tiger earrings to their fashion ensemble and band members can do likewise. Teachers in school can wear the Tiger earrings during special occasions or just for everyday fun. Business in a similar manner often use Tigers as their a symbol of what the business represents. In the same way employees can wear Tiger earrings to increase business morale. Businesses can also use the Tiger Earrings as gifts to clients. Best of all the Tiger Earrings are made in the USA. This is especially important when considering a Tiger gift item for foreigners visiting America. Zoos are often having promotions to raise money for new wildlife habitats. In this setting the Tiger Earrings shows a sensitivity to wildlife and a sign of support. Many people love tiger simply because of their unbelievable beauty. During holidays and for birthdays Tiger gifts store items like the Tiger Earrings gold french curve make a wonderful thoughtful gift.

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