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Retired Tiger Puppets by Folkmanis is Beautiful

Folkmanis Tiger PuppetThe Folkmanis Tiger Puppet Plush Stuffed Animal is now retired and therefore it is very hard to find. According to Steve Forrest at Animal World ” it is unfortunate that Folkmanis retired the tiger puppet because it truly is not only a beautiful Tiger puppet but it is also a piece of art. The best feature of this Tiger puppet is easily the expression filled face with it’s friendly smile, alert eyes and bright orange, black, white stripes. Anyone can easily bring the Tiger puppet to life by simply letting their personality come out through the face, body, legs and tail. By holding the Folkmanis Tiger Puppet cross armed you can bring it to while by working the head and front paws with one hand while simultaneously giving movement to the back end and tail. Animal puppets are fun no matter which animal is selected however with the retirement of the Tiger Puppet by Folkmanis this one is already a collectors item.

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