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Toad Finger Puppet combines learning with play fun

toad finger puppetThe new Toad Finger Puppet from Animal World combines education with a learning play environment. Made by Folkmanis Puppets the Toad Finger Puppet featured online by Animal World is the latest in an ever expanding line of realistic easy to use animal finger puppets. With the simple wiggle or waggle of your finger the Toad Finger Puppet magically comes to life and immediately becomes an active part of it’s adopted environment. Whether used to help bring stories to life or act as an aid in science education the Toad Finger Puppet becomes an automatic center of attention. For children finding a hard time in expressing themselves animal puppets such as the Toad Finger Puppet are often necessary to bring out a child’s true feelings. Featuring a realistic look the Toad Finger Puppet features dark green with black spotted plush marking and all seeing lifelike big eyes. The new Toad Finger Puppet is amazing when you consider it’s beautiful look and ease of use. Whether used by teachers, in business, for plays or just imaginative, creative learning play fun the Toad Finger Puppet is ready to take on any task.

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Written by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

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