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New Animal Toy Mini Good Luck Miniatures Popularity Grows

bumble bee toy mini good luck miniature plasticUsing plastic animal toy miniatures for school projects is not a novel idea, however, having tiny plastic animal toy miniatures is a new idea. With the new animal mini good luck miniatures featured by Animal World larger panoramic dioramas are possible. Instead of showing one animal the new animal toy mini good luck miniatures by Safari toys allows students, displays and educators the opportunity to show a whole herd of animals at an inexpensive. Like small ho scale trains allowed greater detail in display, the new animal mini good luck allow more elaborate, intricate and accurate detailed animal display. This is possible not only because of the animal mini good luck miniatures small size but also because their detailed realistic look. Some of the animal toy miniatures are actually life size as opposed to miniaturized like the ants and the bumble bee toy mini good luck miniatures shown. For situations where a realistic size insect is needed for costumes, TV or movies scenes the ants and bees are the perfect solution. So many detailed scenes are possible from ocean or lake scenes with frogs Turtles, Sharks, Dolphins, Orcas, Starfish, Penguins, Hermit Crabs or Clownfish to Jungle or  Safari scenes with elephants, rhinos, hippos, alligators, okapi, lions, tigers, giraffes, gorillas or panthers to farm scenes with cows, horses, pigs, mice or bats to North American with wolves, bears, buffaloes, polar bears to more insects like ladybugs, butterflies to Mythical dragons or Prehistoric T Rex dinosaurs. As with everything today miniaturization equals more possibilities, this also holds true for animal toy miniatures. pig toy mini good luck miniature

Whale Sharks: are they a shark or a whale?

Are Whale Sharks whales or are they sharks? The answer is very simple whale sharks are sharks. Whale Sharks breathe through gills like fish, whereas whales are mammals and must surface to breathe oxygen as we do before they dive underwater sometimes for very extended periods of time. Whale sharks are a very popular topic for students doing ocean marine life projects for school and often they will use whale shark toy miniature replicas in creating ocean scenes of their own imagination. Teachers can also create underwater scenes as well using whale shark plush stuffed animals hung from the ceiling thereby making their very own fun underwater classroom experience. The large Whale Shark plush stuffed animal shown is also popular for boys who want to give their girlfriends that love or study marine biology a nice whale shark gift.

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