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Turtle plush stuffed animals are educational play decor fun

desert turtle plush stuffed animalbox turtle plush stuffed animalMost of our turtle encounters involve turtles crossing the road. Often we will help the turtle out of harms way and continue on our journey feeling good in our rescue efforts. Turtles come in a large variety of sizes, colors and can be land or water turtles. An excellent way to learn about turtles is with Turtle plush stuffed animals. From stuffed animal plush we can study box turtles, desert turtles, red eared turtles, baby turtles and green sea turtles. For imagination there are comical looking turtles, adorable turtles and character turtles. From the wide selection shown it is easy to demonstrate a variety of turtles. From quick analysis of the desert turtle it is obvious the desert turtle stuffed animal plush has long legs to keep itself off the hot desert floor. turtle stuffed animal plush sandyThis same high profile is also obvious with the box turtle plush stuffed animal. For the land habitat Box Turtle stuffed animal plush the long legs would help in movement over branches, rocks and other obstacles in their environment. In comparison to the tall land turtles the sea turtles plush stuffed animals have a much flatter streamlined profile. Sea Turtles breathe air like humans however they spend most of their life in water, predominantly oceans. For this aquatic life Sea Turtles possess broad flat flippers which provides propulsion through whatever water they encounter. Returning to the land bases desert turtle and box turtles possess stubby tough elephant like pads for their much harsher environment. baby sea turtle plush stuffed animalgreen sea turtle plush stuffed animalEducators can allow students to hold, touch and see the differences between the turtles and the sea turtles. Another obvious difference between the turtles are the coloring. The land turtle plush stuffed animals carry a camouflage style coloring in more land oriented colors of browns, yellows and orange. The sea plush turtle stuffed animals of course carry more of the green colors which in a similar way help camouflage them in the blue, green waters of oceans, estuaries and bays. An interesting combination is the Red Eared Turtle plush stuffed animal. With it’s trademark reddish yellow mark just behind the eye the Red Earred turtle seems to combing the stubby legs of the land turtles with the streamlined look of the Sea Turtles. red eared turtle stuffed animal plushWith this combination the Red Eared Turtle is able to work in fresh water lakes and neighboring land with an equality of ease. Teachers can of course mention the similarities of all the turtles. All the Turtle plush stuffed animals show off the turtle shell, the four legs, short tail and retractable head. Similar to educators decorators want to create a particular image. If a sea life display is required the any of the sea turtle plush stuffed animals immediately let visitors feel as if the ocean is close. For party decor where a forest land theme is desired the box turtle plush stuffed animal can create the needed effect and if a hot arid climate is to be portrayed the desert turtle plush stuffed animal is appropriate with added color. A multitude of stories have been written incorporating turtles. They are such a unique and special animal it is admirable that so many writers have used them in stories. One turtle plush stuffed animal that almost begs for a story is Tortuga Turtle plush stuffed animal. With its happy face, energetic ready look, bright colors and ready personality it almost begs to be part of your imaginative story or as a character reading any book incorporating a turtle. Likewise the big eyed turtle plush stuffed animal looks like it was taken right out of the turtle scene in the movie Finding Nemo. As with all plush stuffed animals it is easy to see that these plush turtle stuffed animals can provide education about turtles, offer imaginative decor ideas to party display and allow characters the opportunity to come alive in stories, books and movies. The best reason for Turtle plush stuffed animals of course still lies in their ability to provide adorable soft play fun for children and adults of all ages. big eyes sea turtle plush stuffed animaltortuga turtle plush stuffed animalAnyone who believes plush stuffed animals are just for kids is missing the incredible potential of these excellently detailed and representative plush turtle stuffed animals. For turtle fund raisers the wide variety of appropriate turtle plush stuffed animals can work well with any occasion, event or promotion.

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