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Plush Stuffed Animal Toy Craze Trends With Back to School

TY Monkey Beanie Baby Vines
TY Monkey Beanie Baby “Vines”

For children across America the time is come to return back to school With the gathering of children together ideas are shared and with it comes many new popular trends. For the gift industry a popular school trend which sometimes turns into a craze often involves the collecting of plush stuffed animal toys. Recent trends in plush toy stuffed animals have included themes that at the time of their peak permeated and became a significant part of our daily lives. From older crazes like Cabbage Patch Dolls to Tickle Me Elmo, to the more recent crazes including the TY Beanie Babies crush in the late 90’s to early ’00 and more recently the Webkinz which began in the mid ’00 and ended in the later ’08.. It is very possible the next got to have plush stuffed animal collectible is just around the corner. Each plush stuffed animal toy trend comes with an angle that sends sales skyward and at times out of control. Beanie Babies were tied closely with the emergence of E Bay. Here buyers resold the Beanie Babies purchased retail from TY approved retail stores and then resold hard to find Beanie Babies at auction on EBay for profit. The most sought after and anticipate of all Beanie Babies was the Princess Diana TY Beanie Baby Bear which bordered on almost going out of control. Similarly but with a different angle,Webkinz combined the purchase of plush toys with building and decorating a cyber house on the Webkins consumer website.

Easter Bear TY Beanie Baby
Easter Bear TY Beanie Baby

With these four successful plush stuffed animal collectible toy campaigns already in the history books it is relatively safe to say that the next craze in stuffed toy plush industry will have to have some sort of angle with relation to the internet. What angle it will be, we will all just have to wait and see, Most likely the next plush toy craze will have some kind of story line which will be downloadable to your Kindle or similar IPad type device. Interaction with a the stuffed toy website or downloadable story will almost certainly have to be involved as well. Perhaps with the new trend toward operating with cyber internet clouds the next craze will utilize this emerging technology. Whether looking back at the Beanie Babies or the Webkinz both shared a common thread. Both TY Beanies and Webkinz were collected by either sex. The TY Beanie Babies were definitely more the domain of men and women who were seeking to make a quick profit. The Webkins were definitely the territory for children and not just girls but also boys. With this piece of information the next collectible craze may need to make sure their product is desired by both sexes. For those in the gift industry another craze would certainly help retailers during these tough economic times. Without doubt some are trying to come up with a collectible which reflects the current economic times. Others may be searching for ways for collectors to escape the current brutal reality of these hard economic times. Whatever angle and whatever medium the best thing about plush stuffed animal toy crazes is their ability to share a common bond, a common need and all the while exploring a new adventure.

Article and Photos by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

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