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Lion Cub Plush Stuffed Animal "Savanah" by TY

Lion Cub Plush Stuffed Animal SavanahMost people will never be able to hold a real lion cub but everyone has the opportunity to hold, love and nurture the new Lion Cub plush stuffed animal “Savanah” by TY. With it’s adorable big eyes, soft light golden, cream colored plush this Lion stuffed animal appears to be looking for someone to provide a loving home. TY has long been famous for their Beanie Baby line of pocket size wildlife plush stuffed animals. Wildlife lovers often venture to zoos or wildlife habitat preserves to witness in person animals like the lion. Often in these areas new born lion cubs become a popular attraction. After the visit is over many children and adults want a reminder of this special memory. To satisfy this need the Lion Cub Plush Stuffed Animal Savanah TY certainly fills this heartfelt need. Likewise for travelers who have had the trip of a lifetime to the real Serengeti in Africa may also wish to capture this special memory with the TY Savanah Lion Cub Plush Stuffed Animal. Travel agents are also looking for ways to entice potential Safari travelers with attractive presentation displays and giveaways. The TY Lion Cub Plush Stuffed Animal Savanah would accomplish this task with style. Teachers can also provide the Lion Cub plush stuffed animal for inspection by students for a hands on imaginary realistic experience. Whatever the purpose, from education, to business, to travel the best reason for acquiring the TY Lion Cub Plush Stuffed Animal Savanah is the original reason for every plush toy, simple soft, lovable play fun. Lion gifts store enthusiasts will be thrilled to add the Lion Cub Plush Stuffed Animal to their collection of lion blankets, toy miniatures, t shirts, figurines, pillow, puppet, neckties, earrings, keychain, and crossing sign

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