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Unbreakable Safari Wildlife Wonders Animal Figurine Toys are fun and educational

zebra animal figurine toy safari wildlife wondersWhenever you think of Animal Figurines you immediately picture something breakable that must be put on a shelf out of reach where it won’t get broken and ends up just collecting a lot of dust. This is no longer true, the new Safari Toys Wildlife Wonders Animal Figurines feature incredible quality, detail and best of all won’t break when they fall off a shelf or are accidentally dropped while handling. Available in popular animals like Eagle, Elephant, Giraffe, Hippo, Orangutan, Polar Bear, Rhino, Tiger, White Tiger and Zebra the new Safari Wildlife Wonders combine detail unattainable with standard stone figurines with elegant hand painted realism to obtain a hereto never before seen realism in an animal toy figurine. The Zebra Animal Figurine Toy Wildlife Wonders pictured is a great example of the detail and realism now attainable in the Safari Wildlife Wonders Collection. The Zebra’s tail, all 4 legs as well as the nose, neck main are all allowed to be as individually elegant and free flowing as witnessed in real life Zebras.rhino toy animal figurine safari wildlife wonders Another example of incredible animal figurine detail in a durable unbreakable figurine is the Rhino figurine toy Wildlife Wonder pictured middle left. With the unbreakable nature of the material used by Safari toys detail can be put the limit as evidenced by the small thin delicate looking rhino tail, all four legs, ears and even the trademark front horn. Detail is also easily present in the armor, muscle tone and running action pose of the rhino. A third example of the benefits of unbreakable animal figurines by Safari toys Wildlife Wonders is the Giraffe. When it comes to long, thin and tall you immediately think of Giraffes. These same characteristics that make the Giraffe so unique makes it especially difficult when constructing a figurine. In normal stone figurines compromises have to be made with Giraffes. giraffe animal figurine toy safari wildlife wondersOften you will see stone figurine Giraffes in the lying position, nest to a tree or with their legs together to provide strength. These compromises are not necessary in the Safari Wildilfe Wonders animal figurines. Even the Giraffes tail gets preferential treatment in the Giraffe animal figurine Wildlife Wonders Toy by Safari. Whether admiring the Rhino, Zebra, Giraffe pictured or the Eagle, Tigers, Orangutan, Hippo and Polar Bear Bear which are not pictured it is easy to see how animal figurines for home decor don’t have to be delicate to be realistic. In reality the opposite is true because the durability and unbreakable qualities of the Safari Wildlife Wonders allows for greater detail and thus higher levels of realism. The Wildlife Wonders as with all animal toy figurines make hands on classroom education easier, more fulfilling and best of all much more effective. Today everything has to multi-task in order to be usable. No longer can figurines be allowed to simply sit on a shelf where they collect dust and wait to be broken. Today’s animal figurines like the Safari Wildlife Wonders allow a product worthy of statue on a shelf but durable enough to be used in classrooms, for people with special needs and active learning environments.

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