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Dog Picture Frames for Dog Photos Updated

Airedale dog picture frame
Airedale dog picture frame

To better serve dog lover enthusiast collectors, the Dog Picture Frames at Animal World® has been updated. The new list of dog breed specific dog picture frames available includes Airedale, Akita, Bearded Collie,
Bulldog, Bull Terrier, Cairn Terrier, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Cocker
Spaniel, Collie, Dalmatian, Dog, Jack Russell Terrier, Maltese,
Miniature Pinscher, Papillon, Pekingese, Pomeranian, Poodle, Rottweiler,
Schnauzer, and Soft Coated Wheaten. Made in the USA of durable fiberboard each dog picture frame is designed to accomodate 3″ x 5″ or 4″ x 6″ pictures. The dog photo frames have a built in easel stand for easy display.

Dog Picture Frames article and photography by Steve Forrest

New Groundhog Stuffed Animal Plush Toy Mr G offers Groundhog Day Party Fun for Everyone

Groundhog’s Day is just around the corner and with it Anwo Animal World introduced a new Groundhog Plush Stuffed Animal Toy Mr G for party fun. Designed in a smaller size than the larger Chuckwood Groundhog Stuffed Animal Toy, Mr G is personal sized for everyone at the Groundhogs Day party. Perfect for Groundhog Party fun or take home party bags Mr G Groundhog Plush Stuffed Animal Toy is adorable, cute and much safer than a real Groundhog. For Groundhog Gifts Store enthusiasts the Groundhog Stuffed Animal Plush Toy Mr G offers transportable play fun unavailable with large Grounghog Plush Stuffed Animal Toys.


Groundhog Plush Stuffed Animal Toy Mr G

Groundhog Plush Stuffed Animal Toy Mr G Article by Steve Forrest Writer

Groundhog Party Fun with Groundhog Plush Stuffed Animal Toys


Groundhog Plush Stuffed Animal Toy

Groundhog Plush Stuffed Animal Toys are the perfect way to enjoy Groundhogs Day which is coming up soon. With the current super cold weather everyone will be anxious to find out if it is going to be a short or long winter. To celebrate this fun day Groundhog Plush Stuffed Animal Toys are a must unless you plan to party with a real Groundhog. Groundhog gifts store specialist Anwo Animal World offers two groundhog plush stuffed animal toys, a small one called Mr G and a larger one called Chuckwood. Pictured Groundhog Plush Stuffed Animal Toy Chuckwood would be perfect as master of ceremonies while Groundhog Stuffed Animal Plush Toy Mr G would be best for all partiers and as a gift bag thank you. Available at Groundhog Gifts Store specialist Anwo Animal World supplies are limited so plan early for your party.

Groundhog Day Party Fun with Groundhog Plush Stuffed Animal Toys Article by Steve Forrest Writer Photography

Flat Coated Retriever Blanket Throw Tapestry offers Basenji Dog Lover Home Decor

A Flat Coated Retriever Blanket Throw Tapestry Afghan is now available for warm dog lover home decor. Made in the USA and offered online by dog throw blankets specialist Anwo Animal World the Flat Coated Retriever Throw Blanket offers immediate dog lover home decor and warmth on chilly days. Made of 3 ply 100% cotton the Flat Coated Retriever Blanket measures a large size for excellent use as a wall decor, sofa, bed or chair cover and is perfect for cozy warmth on cold days. Whether reading a book, watching a favorite TV show or just taking a nap all activities are more fun with the Flat Coated Retriever Throw Blanket. Available in two styles both available from Anwo Animal World the Flat Coated Retriever Blanket is a limited production item so time on the market is short. For Flat Coated Retriever Gift Store enthusiasts this item is a must for every dog lover collection.

Flat Coated Retriever blanket Throw Tapestry Afghan

Flat Coated Retriever Blanket Throw Tapestry Afghan


New Thresher Shark Toy Miniature is Shark Plastic Toys Educational Play Fun

When it comes to Shark Toy Miniature Replicas one of the best collections is available online from Plastic Animal Toy Miniature specialist Animal World. The newest Shark animal toy is the Thresher Shark Toy Miniature Replica. Made of PVC plastic by Safari Toys the Thresher Shark Toy Miniature replica represents a realism not available in any other medium. Measuring 7″ long x 4″ high and 3″ wide the Thresher Shark Toy Miniature Replica is perfect for shark education, shark school projects, ocean wildlife displays and simply learning play fun. The Thresher Shark Toy Miniature joins the new blacktip reef shark, great white shark, basking shark, bull shark, hammerhead shark, hammerhead baby shark, leopard shark, thresher shark, blue shark, tiger shark, whale shark, zebra shark and shark ray replicas for additional shark imaginative play fun.Image


Thresher Shark Toy Miniature Article by Steve Forrest Writer.

Dog Breed Shot Glasses for Dog Lover Collectors and Home Décor Fun

rottweiler shot glass

Rottweiler Shot Glass

People often like to establish a hobby collection and a favorite item for people to collect are shot glasses. For specific dog breed lovers this is certainly not an exception and for this reason Animal World offers a line of dog breed shot glasses in a variety of specific dog breeds. Made originally by the now no longer in operation Porcelain by Rosalinde which closed in 2008 the selection of dog shot glasses is now a limited collection and is certainly worth looking into by investors. Featuring pen and ink artwork by the artist Vladimier each specific dog breed represents best in show dog artwork. This best in show artwork done by Vladimier was commissioned by Porcelain by Rosalinde so that an excellent representative of each specific dog breed was created. The act of collecting shot glasses is simply an off shoot of their main purpose in accurate measuring liquor for drinks. For this purpose the dog breed shot glasses are perfect and are ready at anytime for its original functional use. As with any container which is what a shot glass actually is, other uses will soon come into play. Other functional uses for the dog shot glasses could include holding tooth picks, paper clips, a candle or even an egg. The nicest use for the dog shot glasses is displayed in decoration as in an art collection. This way the artwork of the dog breed shot glass can be fully appreciated. The dog shot glass collection display easily on a mantle, in a curio cabinet or an eye level display shelf. Since supply is limited due to Porcelain by Rosalinde closing their doors in 2008 it is certainly time to act. This time is of the essence would also hold true for other dog breed porcelain items like the Porcelain by Rosalinde dog cookie jars, dog plates with gold trim and other white porcelain items featuring Vladimier dog artwork.

Dog Breed Shot Glass article by Steve Forrest Writer Photography Video Website Consultant

Rottweiler Shot Glass Photography by Steve Forrest


Animal Toy Miniatures for Christmas Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Cobra Toy Snake Miniature Replica

Cobra Toy Snake Replica

One of the easiest and most popular Christmas Stocking Stuffers over generations has been animal toy miniatures.  Boys lover dinosaurs, sharks, tigers and wolf animal toy minatures.  Girls love horses, dolphins, farm animals, cat and dog toy miniatures. Offered online by plastic animal toy miniature specialist Animal World they are very realistic and best of all challenge children to bring their own stories to life. Sold individually or in animal toy tube collections they are ready made for Christmas Stocking Stuffers. According to Nickie at Animal World separate animal theme pages are available for shopping convenience including 1. Dinosaur Toy Miniatures 2. Shark Toy Miniatures 3. Dog Toy Miniatures 4. Snake Toy Miniatures 5. Animal Toy Tubes and 6. Good Luck Mini Toy Miniatures.

Article by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Pink Flamingo Hat Floppy for Christmas Gift Fashion

Pink Flamingo Hat Floppy

Pink Flamingo Hat Floppy Style

Looking for the perfect Christmas Holiday gift for the Flamingo lover on your list. We recommend the Pink Flamingo Hat Floppy Style. It features trio of embroidered pink flamingos on this casual floppy style pink flamingo hat. Without a doubt this will quickly become a Flamingo lovers favorite hat. If you are fortunate enough to have a Flamingo Gifts Store nearby you may want to see if they have this cool looking Pink Flamingo Hat Floppy. If that is not the situation the Flamingo Gifts Store at Animal World offers them online for flamingo lovers worldwide.

Article by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Deer Gifts Store for Sportsman

buck deer t shirt
Buck Deer T Shirt

It is October and that means Deer Hunting is part of many people’s Fall outdoors adventure. For Deer hunting theme gifts a good choice is the Deer Gifts Store at Animal World. There deer hunting enthusiasts find a line of Deer Hunter theme gifts featuring a Deer blanket throw tapestry, figurine statues, t shirts, plush stuffed animals, toy miniatures and a deer crossing sign. The deer crossing sign is very popular for use outdoors warnings but especially for indoor deer hunting décor fun.  It is easy to imagine a deer hunter’s shrine room guarded by a deer crossing sign. Inside the deer hunters lair it is begging for deer gift store items like the ones mentioned above. The wall, sofa, chair or bed can be graced with the beautiful Deer blanket throw tapestry afghan. The shelves can be adorned with the Deer figurine statue Buck Deer Head or the full body deer figurine. For young hunters or grandsons the Deer toy miniatures allow for handling as well as learning play fun. For deer hunter fashion the Buck Deer T Shirt or Hooded Sweatshirt is perfect for showing off their love for the hunting season. For Americans wishing to buy Deer Gifts Store items made in the USA, the Deer Blanket Throw Tapestry, T Shirts, Sweatshirts and Deer Crossing Sign meet these criteria. Hunting is not necessarily part of everyone’s agenda and many are dead set against it, however, no one can argue that deer hunting isn’t an important tradition as old as America itself. The Deer Gifts Store at features items for deer hunters. All these deer gifts store collectibles embodies this tradition of deer hunting and lend credence to its importance to the history of America.
Article and Photos by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

deer crossing sign

Buck Deer Blanket Throw Tapestry

deer toy miniature safari

Buck Deer Toy Miniature

New Boxer Pillows Dog Lover Home Decor

Boxer Dog Pillow Puppy with AdultFor anyone who has spent time with a Boxer dog it is very evident how their name originated. When Boxer dogs play they love to stand somewhat on their hind feet and play or punch so to speak with their front legs, hence, the name Boxer was an easy choice. Boxers are predominantly a fawn brown with white highlights. Other variations include all brown, brindle with white and all brindle. Capturing the beauty of this unique dog breed are the Boxer pillows found online at Animal World. According to Steve Forrest at Animal World “we are fortunate to at this time have in stock 3 different Boxer Dog Pillows for beautiful dog lover home decor.” Brindle Boxer Dog PillowBoxer dog pillows for dog lover home decor are made in the USA by well known companies like Manual Woodworkers and Pure Country. For boxer dog lovers that have been blessed with the opportunity to raise a Boxer dog family the Boxer Pillow adult with puppy shown top left is an adorable choice for eye catching dog lover home decor. The Brindle Boxer Pillow shown middle left is an excellent example of the variety of dog markings available within the Boxer dog breed. Featuring an adult Boxer dog with the traditional fawn with white markings is the Boxer Dog Pillow shown bottom left. Dog lover home decor enthusiasts could decorate by utilizing the Boxer Dog Pillows in pairs on a sofa or couch and by themselves as a single pillow on a chair or bed. Imaginative dog home decor could also mix or match to provide new and different looks. Fawn White Boxer PillowBoxer Dog Pillows are not limited to just Boxer dog home decor, their use can easily be expanded to business office or use as gifts for foreign dog lover visitors who are looking for souvenirs made in the USA. Likewise for boxer dog owners who are away for long periods of time on deployment or on business trips the Boxer Dog Pillows provide a sense of comfort and home. College students can also use the Boxer Dog Pillows to show off their personality at school while at the same time creating a feeling of home and a refuge where the comfort of their dog is available if only with their imagination. For Boxer Gifts Store enthusiasts the Boxer Dog Pillows complement the Boxer t shirts, plush stuffed animals, sweatshirt, figurine, doormat, mousepad, crossing sign, picture frame, mug, jar, plate, and keychain.

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