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Sandicast Schnauzer Figurine Small Size features Uncropped Ears

Sandicast Uncropped Schnauzer Figurine Statue Small SizeThe new Sandicast Schnauzer Figurine Small Size is perfect for Schnauzer dog lover home decor. Based on original artwork by Sandra Brue the Sandicast Schnauzer Figurine Small Size captures the warmth, love and expression dog lovers have come to expect from their close relationship with Schnauzers. Made of cast stone the Sandicast Schnauzer Figurine Small Size is hand detail painted for a realistic look achieved by previous Schnauzer dog figurine statues. The new Sandicast Schnauzer Figurine Statue Small Size also features the uncropped ears look which has become increasingly popular in recent years which omits the painful and unnecessary cropping of ear in past tradition. For Uncropped Ear Schnauzer dog owners the recognition of this new trend in not docking the Schnauzers ears in a dog figurine statue is a moment of self actualization. For Schnauzer Gifts Store enthusiasts who already have collected Schnauzer blanket throw tapestries, plush stuffed animals, crossing signs, t shirt, cookie jar, picture frame, mousepad, mug, porcelain jar, plate, shot glass and keychain, the Uncropped Ears Schnauzer Figurine Statue completes the collection.

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