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New Unicorn Toy Miniature Figurine is Mythical Realm Realism

unicorn toy miniature figurineUnicorn Toy Miniature Figurines are difficult to achieve because of the delicate features of a Unicorn. From the conical horn to the flowing main and mythical, ethereal look Unicorns present many unique problems when it comes to manufacturing figurines. Safari has achieved great results recently with in handling these problems in their own unique combination of soft yet rigid plastic which can handle incredible detail while at the same time providing edges and details that won’t break. The Unicorn Toy Miniature Figurine features that unmistakable horn, but also has pink, yellow, green flowers in the main, muscle tone, skeletal details, tufted hooves and realistically posed tail with plume. Never before has a more lifelike looking Unicorn figurine has been produced. There are no rules when it comes to figurines anymore, what is most important is detail, realism and usability. All these requirements are met and surpassed by the new Unicorn toy miniature figurine by Safari. Unicorn lovers can place the Unicorn toy miniature figurine on a shelf, mantle, curio or pull it out play with it and even take it along on vacation. Unicorn gifts store enthusiasts will love to add the new toy miniature figurine to the Unicorn plush stuffed animals, finger puppets, crossing signs and t shirts already available for Unicorn lovers.

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