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Alligator Earrings are party fashion fun

alligator earrings goldYou are attending at a University of Florida party and you want something subtle, elegant while still sending the message that you are a Florida Gator Fan. The Alligator Earrings Gold French Curve are the perfect choice. Instead of the usual gaudy over the top college style earrings you have chosen a pair of gold french curve Alligator earrings that show your support, but instead show originality, class and a more elegant party fashion while still having fun. Of course you don’t have to be a fan of the University of Florida to love these beautiful Alligator Earrings. With their history dating back to the time when dinosaurs roamed the earth Alligators are certainly one of earth’s most popular and interesting animals. Alligators fill an important role as predator in the shallow waters of the Everglades in Florida and other areas where the habitat suits their needs. Without the Alligator predator in these areas the harvester animals might overgraze leading to starvation for many of the animals that depend on a balanced environmentally safe habitat. The Alligator Earrings are a beautiful testament to these beautiful animals. The Alligator animal earrings are made in the USA of recycled brass hand hammered using a special plannishing tool which produces tiny facets on a gentle curve that capture and reflect the light in a gold glimmering effect. Whatever the reason, football parties, wildlife habitat fund raiser or just for alligator enthusiasts the Alligator earrings are sure to bring a smile to the wearer and all that admire these beautiful animal earrings.

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