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Sandicast Vizsla Figurine for realistic dog lover home decor

sandicast vizsla figurineThe Sandicast Vizsla figurine is truly one of the most realistic dog figurines ever produced. From the warm expression on the Vizsla’s face to the muscle tone, to the folds, wrinkles and hair by hair coat detail. Vizsla dog lovers are enthusiastic regarding their breed and the Sandicast Vizsla dog figurine is a dramatic representation of this unique and special breed. Vizsla dog lovers can display the Sandicast Vizsla dog figurine on a mantle, an eye level shelf or in special curio cabinets where or Vizsla dog collector memorabilia is on display. Vizsla specialty shows could offer the Sandicast Vizsla dog figurine as trophy for best in show or other similar award. The Vizsla dog is favorite for families and for them the Vizsla Sandicast dog figurine is a popular Vizsla gifts store item for birthdays, office gifts, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and the always popular Christmas Holiday Season. Many refer to this breed as the Hungarian Vizsla giving credit to it’s origin. The Vizsla breed is a hunting dog known for it’s stamina in hot weather. With it’s reddish brown color the Vizsla breed is certainly unique and it’s body is very similar in structure to the Vizsla although it’s show standards are smaller. Fortunately through the incredibly gifted hands of Sandra Brue the founder and creator of the Sandicast line the Vizsla dog breed was finally given the credit it was due in dog sculpture form. For Vizsla dog breed lovers or simply dog enthusiasts who appreciate the structure of a magnificent dog the Sandicast Vizsla dog figurine is a serious consideration for any dog figurine collector.

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