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Welsh Corgi Dog Figurines are London Olympics Personified

When it comes to the unofficial mascot of the London Olympics it has to be the Welsh Corgi dog shown quite often shown literally underfoot with the Queen. If you wish to be apropos with regard to London Olympics home decor you may want to decorate your Olympic viewing room with Welsh Corgi dog figurines. Featured online by animal and pet theme gifts retailer Animal World there are actually 3 different Welsh Corgi dog figurines from which to choose. Made by Sandicast the Welsh Corgi dog figurines are made of cast stone and feature detailed hand painting. Capturing the exuberance of real Welsh Corgi dogs the Sandicast Welsh Corgi dog figurines look so realistic passers by are sure to do a double take.

Dog statue figurines normally serve just those who currently own the breed, but, with the exposure Welsh Corgis received during the London Olympics opening ceremonies for many they are now one of the most endearing of all the symbols for the current London Olympics. So for those who wish to enjoy the London Olympics and want to show off their enthusiasm, the Welsh Corgi Figurines by Sandicast Statues may be just the ticket. For Welsh Corgi London Olympics enthusiasts any of the Welsh Corgi gifts store items including plush stuffed animals, toy miniatures, throw blankets, t shirts, doormat, mousepad, toy miniature, porcelain jar, welsh corgi picture photo frame, keychain, plate, shot glass and flag might complete the ensemble.

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