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New Whale Shark Puppets are educational play fun

whale shark puppetThe largest shark is not the Great White shark but instead it is the Whale Shark. Animal Puppets have come a long way since sock puppets so when you combine the two you get the new Whale Shark Puppet Plush Stuffed Animal. Featuring ocean blue with white realistic markings this Whale Shark Puppet is easy to work and is perfect for educational play fun. Any novice puppeteer can easily work the Whale Shark Puppets mouth and when held cross armed you can create a swishing movement by pushing and releasing the tail in a sideways motion. Teachers can have a lot of fun walking around the classroom in a swimming motion as the Whale Shark opens up it’s mouth and feeds in an imaginary a ocean world. Students can also bring the Whale Shark Puppet to life and in the mean time learn a lot about the anatomy and markings while having a fun learning experience. As we discover more about the amazing creatures that inhabit our oceans animal puppets like the new Whale Shark Puppet make learning an adventure which makes the learning process more fun and more productive.

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