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New White Harp Seal Pup Plush Stuffed Animal by Russ is realistic

white harp seal pup plush stuffed animal toyMany years ago people across the country were abhorred to the site on TV news of fur hunters in the Arctic hunting White Harp Seal babies on the ice with clubs only for the soft white fur. After much publicity the practice still continues but to much less extent as peoples consciousness and awareness of how these beautiful furs were attained greatly reduced demand and therefore the need for the massacre. The star that emerged from this whole incident was the White Harp Baby Seal itself. Capturing this adorable animal is the new White Harp Seal Pup Plush Stuffed Animal by Russ. According to Steve Forrest at Animal World “the new White Harp Seal Pup Plush Stuffed Animal is the most realistic of all available at our White Harp Gift Store” The new baby White Harp Pup stuffed animal toy joins 4 others, plus toy miniatures, puppets, crossings signs, t shirts mugs, keychains and crossing signs already available for Harp Seal enthusiasts. Plush stuffed animals have come so far from the teddy bears and bunny rabbits most people grew up with in earlier generations. Today with the incredible realism of stuffed animal plush like the White Harp Seal teachers can use them in classroom education for hands on learning. Decorators can create realistic looking Arctic displays which immediately set the mood or provide a warm welcome to conventions and visitor centers. Schools can use them in plays or for showcase winter displays and students can utilize the for interesting school projects. Businesses that sell air conditioning, or ice, or anything that portrays an image of cool can use the Harp Seal Plush Stuffed animal toys for vendor gifts, as entrance way greetings and even for office esprit decor. The Harp Seal plush stuffed animal toys can also help represent effectively the color white. Many other possibilities are available for any enthusiast of White Harp Seal Plush Stuffed animals but hopefully the best is a reminder to all to protect, preserve the habitat and life of these gorgeous animal treasures of our Arctic wilderness.

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