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New Wildebeest Toy Miniature Plastic Animal from Anwo

Wildebeest Toy Miniature Safari
Wildebeest Toy Miniature at Anwo

The newest plastic animal toy from Animal World is the safari Wildebeest Toy Miniature. Capturing the wild essence of the amazing herding animal of the African Serengeti it made of safe PVC plastic and measures an easy to handle 4.25″ long x 3″ high x 1.75″ wide. Offering realistic looking detailed silver, grey and black colors this Wildebeest is heartbeat of the African wilderness. As a grazing animal which gathers in huge herds ranging into the tens of thousands they are vital to the survival of many wild cats including leopards, lions, hyenas and alligators. Extremely strong, swift, durable and perfectly adapted to the habitat to which they live the Wildebeest continue to be the most vital part of the circle of life on the African Serengeti. Perfect for school education, projects and learning play fun the Wildebeest Plastic Animal Toy Miniature is ready for any purpose only limited by creativity and imagination.

Wildebeest Toy Miniature Article by Steve Forrest

Wildebeest Toy Miniature Photography by Safari Ltd.

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