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Elephant Blankets and Pillows for Safari Home Decor

elephant blanket throw tapestry
Everyone dreams of a vacation safari to the wilds of Africa to see the animals of the Savannah. The most dramatic of all animals are the elephants of Africa. Elephants travel in herds with family groups of older and younger elephants working together to survive in the difficult habitat of Africa where water can be scarce and temperatures can soar into the triple digits. Anyone who has the opportunity to see the elephants of Africa leaves with a treasure of trove of memories that last a lifetime. To capture these memories you can decor you home with beautiful Elephant Blanket Throw Tapestries and Elephant Blanket Pillows. Best of all the Elephant blanket and Elephant Pillow are both proudly made in the USA. With that combination you can beautiful safari decor for your home while at the same time helping to keep the home fires burning by purchasing products made in the USA. The Elephant Blanket Throw Tapestry can be displayed on a wall, spread over a bed, across a sofa or chair and of course used to keep warm on a chilly day. elephant pillowThe Elephant Blanket Throw is also great for use when taking a mid afternoon nap. As a perfect complement to the Elephant Blanket the Elephant Pillow by itself or in pairs can further enhance the elephant safari theme. Elephant pillows can be used for sofas, pillows, and even for beds. For Elephant enthusiasts the Elephant blanket and pillow make the perfect gift. Elephant gifts like the blanket or pillow can be enhanced with elephant figurines, crossing signs, plush stuffed animals and toy miniatures. Other elephant gifts include earrings, keychains, shirts and mugs. For safari home decor the Elephant Wildlife Blanket Throw Tapestries and Elephant pillows capture the spirit and beauty of elephants in their wild habitat home. You can bring the beauty and spirit of the elephant herd into your home.

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