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Combine Valentines Day Flowers with Jewelry, Earrings or Plush Stuffed Animals

goldfinch earrings french curve
Goldfinch Earring
saint bernard plush stuffed animal yodeler
Saint Bernard Plush Stuffed Animal

Without a doubt flowers are the number one gift item for Valentines Day. However to maximize the impact of giving flowers there has to be a bonus gift. Two of the most popular bonus gifts to give along with flowers is gold animal jewelry or plush stuffed animal toys. This is especially true if the Valentine also happens to be an animal lover. If that is the case then it might be wise to check out the superb extensive line of animal earrings jewelry and brooch or lapel pins available online from animal and pet theme gift specialist Animal World. In addition, the line of realistic looking wildlife animals, there are also dinosaur, cat, horse and even dog plush stuffed animal toys. Any of these categories of plush stuffed animal toys are also excellent choices as bonus gifts to the traditional bouquet of flowers. If roses are the flowers of choice then the gift giver may want to check out in specific pink flamingo plush stuffed animals or white animals like polar bear plush stuffed toys, harp seals, or white fox. Both of these choices would certainly work well with regard to maximizing the impact of the red roses. However, if the gift is the main gift then the flowers could actually disguise something small like jewelry or with the toy plush stuffed animals become a double smoke screen. To give an example the Valentine first sees the plush stuffed animal or flowers and then upon closer inspection finally sees the real gift which is the small gold animal earrings jewelry possibly in box. For maximum impact the triple gift combination is is the best strategy since it plays on the best emotion of all excitement. For example have a big plush stuffed animal holding a big vase of red roses and tucked somewhere where she will still find it the gold jewelry. This triple threat of Valentines Love is bound to score big dividends on this special day as well as in long term special memories.

Valentines Day Gift Ideas Article by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Saint Bernard Plush Stuffed Animal Toys Photo by SteveForrest Writer Video Photography

Animal and Pet Lovers Top 10 Christmas Gifts List

bulldog plush stuffed animal semper fi

Bulldog Plush Stuffed Animal "Semper Fi"

People at this time of year are searching not only for gifts for family but also for family pet. The table can turned essentially if instead a gift for the pet a gift giver might want a gift from their pet or for some their favorite animal. For these animal and pet lover enthusiasts a top 10 list of possible animal and pet theme gifts might be of great importance. For this reason animal and pet theme gift specialist put together an Animal and Pet Lovers Top 10 Gift List to help out this and every Christmas gift giving season. To summarize the top 10 animal and pet lovers Christmas Gifts Top 10 List is as follows. Remember these are for the animal or pet lover and not for the pet. The Bulldog Plush Stuffed Animal is a perfect gift not only for the dog lover but any Marine that wants to embellish the mascot and symbol of the Marines the Bulldog named “Semper Fi” shown.

1. Dog Plush Stuffed Animals – adorable lovable portable companionship

2. Wildlife Plush Stuffed Animals – wild animal handling and loving

3. Animal Toy Miniatures – incredible detail, educational play fun

4. Animal Blanket Throw Tapestries – functional and beauty made in USA

5. Dog Blanket Throw Tapestries – beautiful indoor home decor – USA made

6. Animal Crossing Signs, –  safety outside, indoor decor fun, USA made

7. Animal Earrings Jewelry – Beautiful fashion with fun

8. Dog Figurine Statues – best way to immortalize and remember your pet

9. Animal Figurine Statues – Brings the beauty of nature inside

10. Animal Puppets – brings an animal to life with your personality

Written by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

Wildlife or Dog Plush Stuffed Animal Toys for Valentines Day

tiger plush stuffed animal ty pouncerMen are always looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift. When it comes to Plush Stuffed Animals for Valentines Days guys need to think outside of the box. For Valentines Day men need to consider wildlife, cat, horse or dog plush stuffed animal toys.  A standard Valentine’s Day plush stuffed animal is a teddy bear which shows little preparation or thoughtfulness. On the other hand any man who goes to the trouble of finding out what their Valentines favorite wildlife or dog will show effort and consideration for their love. Most good boyfriends or husbands know their Valentine’s favorite animal whether it is a dolphin, wolf, monkey, tiger, llama,  or even a flamingo. For any of these the Wildlife plush stuffed animals with a box of chocolates or bouquet of roses might be just the ticket. The same would be true if the Valentine had  favorite dog, cat or horse. For these either the dog plush stuffed animals or the cat plush stuffed animals would with a diamond or other similar jewelry would show a genuine love. Creative gift givers will combine plush stuffed animals with jewelry for a super effective one two Valentines Day effect. cairn terrier plush stuffed animal classic smallAs the Valentine first falls in love with their favorite stuffed animal given with thoughtfulness they then get the jewelry surprise often hidden on the plush. Imaginative gift givers allow the plush stuffed animal to hold the jewelry in the hands while others put it around their neck like a charm. Likewise, horse enthusiasts love their horses, for them the horse plush stuffed animals are a perfect choice for falling in love. Plush stuffed animals have always been associated with Valentine’s Day, experts know how to combine their Valentine’s favorite animal or pet with jewelry, chocolate or flowers for a truly memorable Valentine’s Day to remember.

Written by Steve Forrest Writer Video Photography

New Chipmunk Plush Stuffed Animal Video

When purchasing wildlife plush stuffed animals online often all that is available is a simple picture. AnwoAnimalWorld on Youtube however offers consumers the  opportunity to get a 360 all the way around look at wildlife plush stuffed animals like the Chipmunk Plush Stuffed Animal Toy shown. The Chipmunk Plush Stuffed Animal Video provides a look at the shape, the colors, the details and even the textures of this adorable toy plush stuffed animal.


Bulldog vs Huskies Animal mascots are good luck NCAA Mens Basketball Final Four

bulldog blanket throw tapestrysiberian husky plush stuffed animal The NCAA Mens Basketball Final Four pitted the VCA Rams vs the Butler Bulldogs, then the University of Kentucky Wildcats against the University of Connecticut Huskies. With wins by U Conn and Butler the NCAA Men’s Championship will bring the together the Huskies against the Bulldogs for the championship. For all the other teams who didn’t get to the final four it is time to get the hint and change to an animal mascot. Obviously schools and universities with animals as their mascots win championships and get further than ones without animal mascots. For anyone needing further evidence need look no further than the NCAA Mens BCS Football Championship between the Auburn Tigers and the Oregon Ducks.  Best of all animal mascots are universal, there are no politics involved and best of all they provide a rally point for all to center their enthusiasm. Whether the Butler Bulldogs or the University of Connecticut Huskies persevere their are animal and pet theme gifts for either to utilize to celebrate their victory. For the Butler Bulldog fans their are Bulldog Gifts Store items including plush stuffed animals, figurine statues, crossing sign, t shirts,  cookie jar, doormat and keychain. For University of Connecticut fans there are Siberian Husky Gifts Store items including plush stuffed animals, figurine statues, crossing signs, t shirts, cookie jars and doormats. With the Bulldogs of Butler against the Huskies of U Conn we finally have a dog fight that is not controversial and doesn’t result in any harm to either animal since each is simply an animal mascot for each university. So while schools and universities sit on the sidelines during the current NCAA Mens Basketball Final Four they need to look no further then their forefathers for their misfortune of luck since they made the choice of a non animal for their mascot.  In a phrase if you want good fortune to come your way always bet on the school or university with the animal mascot, luck is on their side.

Plush Stuffed Animals are perfect for National Love Your Pet Day

Australian Shepherd Plush Stuffed AnimalNational Love Your Pet Day is February 21. To celebrate pet owners will be able to officially celebrate their special relationship with their dog, cat, horse or whatever on this day. The dilemma arises for those who do not have a pet or away from their pet on this day of celebration. In these instances pet lovers could still participate in the celebration by acquiring a plush stuffed animal. Dog plush stuffed animals provides choices from Australian Shepherd to Yorkshire Terrier. Wildlife stuffed animal plush are available in many styles from Armadillo to Zebra. There are also Snake, Dinosaur, Cat and Horse plush stuffed animals so whatever your needs there is no reason to feel left out this National Love Your Pet Day. Having a pet for National Lover you Pet day is essential for enjoying this special day to it’s maximum. Otherwise National Love Your Pet Day will go by like showing up to a party without a date. Coatamundi plush stuffed animal toyCreative party goers who always wished they had an exotic pet like a monkey or a tiger can choose a wildlife plush stuffed animal for their companion. Imaginative party goers could even dress up as their favorite performer like Britney Spears with a yellow snake. Yellow snake plush stuffed animals would be a perfect choice for this costume. National Love Your Pet day is actually every day for pet owners. It really is not necessary for pet owners to have their own special day since they love their pets without reservation every day. However to have a single day to observe the special bond between pets and their owners is still very nice and certainly deserves the recognition.

Are Animals left handed? August 13 is Left hand Awareness day

lemur plush stuffed animal toy

Lemurs show a definite tendency towards using their left hand.

red parrot macaw plush stuffed animal

Parrot Macaws are left handed

flounder plush stuffed fish toy

Flounders have both eyes on their left side

This August 13 is International Left Hand Day, Awareness which begs the question, are animals left handed ? Since communication with animals is not possible observation is our only source for answering this question. According to Brewnog at the first almost universal agreement is that Parrots Macaw birds are left handed. The land animals that are next in line that appear to be left handed are bears, wolves and badgers.  In the ocean Flounders appear to be left handed as both eyes are on the left side and lobsters appear to be left handed or in their case left clawed. In the jungle Apes, Lemurs and Galagos also appear to be often left handed. Domestic dogs and cats can show tendencies toward being left handed however, since treats are often involved this can be a learned response instead of a natural tendency. Kate P at at states that research shows Polar Bears are 80% left handed, dogs 20% and cats are 39% left handed or left pawed to be more technical. As a definitive answer to the question, are animals left handed is simple, the answer is an unequivocal yes. Certain animals definitely are almost entirely left handed like the Polar Bear or show tendencies toward being left handed for strength and coordination. While no animal just like no human shows exclusivity toward using the right or left it is clear that for many animals the left hand is the preferred means of grasping, clawing, retrieving or inspecting. As you celebrate August 13 Left Hand Awareness Day raise a toast to  the animals in the world who are also part of that special group of individuals that were selected by nature to be left handed. If you are looking for a left handed animal to help celebrate August 13 Left Hand Awareness day you may wish to review the wildlife plush stuffed animals available like the lemur, flounder, parrot, macaw, polar bear, wolf or badger.

New Dinosaur Plush Stuffed Animals don’t bite

velociraptor dinosaur plush stuffed animal toyEveryone loves the mystery and intrigue of the episode in our earth’s history when dinosaurs made earth their home. In reality no one would ever really want an encounter with a dinosaur since many were meat eaters which would love to eat people. This imaginative danger makes dinosaurs even more interesting. Animal World has just introduced 5 new dinosaur plush stuffed animal toys that are guaranteed not to bite you or more importantly eat you. Capturing 5 of the most popular dinosaurs including the ever popular Tyrannosaurus T Rex, Velociraptor, Triceratops, Stegosaurus and Brachiosaurus.  Featuring bright colors on soft plush, easy to handle sizes, soft felt teeth and people friendly looks all the new dinosaurs are perfect for a child’s interactive, educational play fun. Made by Aurora World the dinosaur plush stuffed animals are perfect for school dinosaur projects, dinosaur habitat displays, science class and individual learning play fun. The new Dinosaur plush stuffed animals are a wonderful addition for children of all ages and best of all they don’t bite.

Sea Turtle Plush Stuffed Animal toys are fun

Sea Turtle Plush Stuffed Animal Toy Fiesta Big EyesEveryone loved the movie “Finding Nemo” and one of the most endearing scenes involved encountering the Sea Turtles swimming and being carried along in the Australian current. Imaginative children can reenact this moment in the movie if they wish with the Sea Turtle Plush Stuffed Animal Toy by Fiesta at Animal World. Featuring a bright green, blue, purple soft colored plush shell and those big bright enamoring eyes this Sea Turtle stuffed animal toy is educational and fun. With a small loop the Sea Turtle plush stuffed animal toy can also be displayed from above as if it is swimming. With several of the Sea Turtle stuffed animals grouped in this way you could create stunning display for underwater theme parties or just creative home decor. Teachers could also have an ocean education module and display the Sea Turtle Plush Stuffed Animals in a similar manner for captivating classroom underwater exploration. Sea Turtle babies are often the center of interest for Wildlife habitat preservationists. For fund raising, social events or rescue organizations the Sea Turtle plush stuffed animal can become a focal point on tables, welcome areas and for money raising raffles. The best use for the Big Eye Sea Turtle Plush Stuffed animal toy is simply for children’s play fun. Through this historical utilization of wildlife plush stuffed animal toys children of all ages stretch their imagination, creativity and story making abilities all the while just having fun.

Orca Plush Stuffed Animal Toy wildlife ocean lover fun

orca plush stuffed animal toyOrca plush stuffed animal toys are ocean wildlife lover educational play fun. The most famous Orca Killer Whale is Willie from the big screen. With the large Orca Plush Stuffed Animal Toy anyone can make up their own story or underwater adventure. Featuring soft black, white soft plush the Orca Plush Stuffed Animal measures a large 22″L x 17″W x 9.5″H. In addition to it’s obvious role as a wildlife plush stuffed animal, teachers, decorators, schools and businesses can also utilize the beautiful Orca Stuffed Animals. Teachers are always searching for tools to make learning more fun. Students could never handle a real Orca Killer Whale, however, any student could handle the Orca stuffed animal. From this up close and personal imaginary encounter with the Orca plush stuffed animal toys students can inspect the black, white color patter, the dorsal fin, tail and flippers along with the distinctive white spot and white dorsal side markings. Teachers can easily hang the Orca Killer Whale stuffed animal from the ceiling with fishing line to create an overhead ocean imaginary adventure. In this same way decorators of restaurants, office parties and Orca rescue meetings can use the Orca Plush Stuffed Animals in welcome table displays, centerpieces and overhead as well to create an illusion of being underwater. Schools or swimming clubs that have adopted Orcas as their mascot love the Orca Plush Stuffed Animals for promoting morale and esprit decor. In the same manner businesses that use the Orca as a symbol of their business may use the Orca Plush Stuffed Animal as a giveaway to important clients to reinforce and encourage future business relations. Orca Killer Whales are a wonderful addition to the wildlife plush stuffed animal toy market and for children wishing to relive adventures seen on big screen it is a wonderful gift. For Orca enthusiasts there are a variety of Orca gifts store items the Orca plush stuffed animals, toy miniatures, nature sound CD, figurines, pillow, t shirts, and keychains for wildlife lover collecting.

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