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Wolf Blanket Throw Tapestry Afghan Symbolizes Represents USA

Wolf Blanket Throw Tapestry Afghan
Wolf Throw Blanket Tapestry Afghan

The Wolf Blanket Throw Tapestry Afghan represents the feeling of being in America and especially if is a excellent symbol for the USA. If the Eagle is the national bird the wolf should be the national animal. The wolf represents freedom, strength, individuality and it’s most importantly freedom. Capturing all these qualities in artwork is the Wolf Blanket Throw Tapestry offered online by animal gift theme specialist Anwo Animal World. Fittingly the wolf blanket is made in the USA on production looms located in North Carolina the Wolf Throw Blanket is made of comfortable 100% cotton. Featuring a stunning close up of the classic wolf face as well as the full profile of a wolf howling both represent the strength, freedom and individuality of the American human spirit. For wolf gifts store enthusiasts who have embraced the wolf as a kindred spirit the Wolf Throw Blanket Tapestry Afghan is perfect for home decor or warmth on a cold day.

Wolf Blanket Tapestry Afghan Represents Symbolizes USA article by Steve Forrest

New Wolf Plush Stuffed Animal Toys Website for Wolf Lover Gifts

jumbo large wolf plush stuffed animal toyWolves are a part of American History as important as the mountains they often inhabit. At the top of the canine family the Wolf is wild, free and symbolizes these traits to people who claim the Wolf as part of their heritage. Capturing that wild and free spirit for Wolf lovers is the new Wolf Plush Stuffed Animal Toys Website.  Featuring an excellent selection of Wolf Plush Stuffed Animals and Wolf Toys there are also Wolf T shirts, sweatshirts, crossing signs, earrings, blankets and figurine statues.

New Wolf Blanket Throw Tapestry "Brothers in the Wild" captures an American Heritage

wolf blanket throw tapestry brothers in the wildThe new Wolf Blanket Throw Tapestry “Brothers in the Wild” at Animal World is wolf lover home decor fun. Made in the USA on American production looms with home grown American harvested 100% 3 ply cotton this Wolf Blanket Throw Tapestry is beautiful. Featuring a pair of Wolves confidently looking over their
wild surroundings the Wolf Blanket measures an extra large 68″ wide by 51″ high. Wolves represent so much more than just a place as a wild animal. They represent the wild west, the untamed frontier, the undiscovered America and the untamed spirit not only in wolves but also in all of us. For this reason Wolves have been a long time favorite animal lovers because of their beauty, their strength, their brotherhood for life and their wild heart. Serious Wolf lovers have been known to frame these beautiful tapestries for wall display. Others may drape the Wolf blanket throw tapestries across a sofa or chair. Bedroom home decor can be enhanced by draping the Wolf blanket throw tapestry across a bed. The best reason for the Wolf Blanket throw tapestry is of course to stay cozy warm while reading a good book, watching TV or just taking an afternoon nap. Wolves continue their incredible recovery from the brink of extinction in North America. From the Rockies to the Eastern Allegheny mountain wolves are once again taking their rightful place as a piece of Americana. This Wolf Blanket Throw Tapestry “Brothers in the Wild’ is the perfect way to celebrate this transition from scarcity to strength on the American wilderness. Wolf gifts stores will be thrilled to add the Wolf blanket throw tapestry to their line of wolf plush stuffed animals, figurines, t shirts, puppets, crossing signs, earrings, toy miniatures, necktie, backpack, sounds CD, mug, and sweatshirts. The American Heritage is something we can all be proud with and the Wolf Blanket Throw Tapestry demonstrates the wolves part of this special past and current history of the USA.

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