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Woodpecker Crossing sign is bird lover function and fun

Woodpecker Crossing SignThe new Woodpecker Crossing sign is perfect for bird lover enthusiasts. The bright yellow sign features the rare Pileated Woodpecker, the Red-bellied Woodpecker and the stunning Red-headed Woodpecker. Each of these birds is considered uncommon and a rare treat for the avid bird watcher. Other Woodpeckers are more common such as the Common Flicker which is often heard pecking on trees and even houses. Woodpeckers have strong sharp bills for chipping or pecking at trees and branches looking for insects in the wood. The Woodpecker Crossing sign can be used to commemorate the sighting of a rare bird. This aluminum sign can be placed on a nature trail to encourage bird watchers to keep a vigil for a Woodpecker sighting. Bird clubs can use the sign to decorate, raise funds or as prizes during bird lover events. Measuring 12″ x 12″ it is made of durable lightweight aluminum, has a hole at the top for ease of hanging on a post, fence, or even an inside wall. Woodpecker Birds are always an exciting bird to watch and the Woodpecker bird crossing sign can announce their presence so all can enjoy these fascinating birds as they go about their useful and unique part in the world of nature.

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